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New Member Recruitment Campaign Texas Orthopaedic Association Just Bill Em!

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1 New Member Recruitment Campaign Texas Orthopaedic Association Just Bill Em!

2 Recruitment Goals Contact and recruit as many non-member orthopaedic surgeons into the Association as possible Encourage involvement from Board Members and Committee Chairs Increase participation at TOA Meetings and in advocacy efforts Add 70 new orthopaedic surgeons as members

3 Recruitment Goals Raise needed operating capital! Raise needed operating capital! Raise needed operating capital!

4 Creating the Target Database Cleaning up your lists Clean up current membership database –Make sure that all current data is entered and updated Get AAOS list for your state and cross-reference it with your database Get your states medical association list and cross- reference it with your database* Get your states board of medical examiners list and cross-reference it with your database* –This list should have current addresses »*Caution: These lists are self designated

5 Send Final Clean List To Your Associations Board/Chairs Contact Board of Directors & Committee Chairs Sort list by zip code Include letter asking to review candidates in their area Have Board Members/Committee Chairs indicate only those whom they would not endorse for membership Allow two weeks for responses, with perhaps a gentle reminder after a week

6 Reference Approval Edit out all non-appropriate candidates –Flag these undesirables to avoid future recruitment Divide approved candidates among Board/Chairs –Try not to give more than 10-20 candidates to any pair of references Request permission to use them as references –By including colleagues (references) on the letter you will add credibility and promote/boost recruitment

7 Just Bill Em Letter

8 Please consider this letter an invoice for TOA Membership dues. You can make your check payable to the Texas Orthopaedic Association and mail it in the envelope provided. Dues your colleagues have contributed to TOA all these years have been used for your benefit and on behalf of all orthopaedic surgeons in Texas. Now, we need your support!

9 TOA has directly been responsible for the success in fighting issues that may have negatively impacted your practice, such as the podiatry push to expand the scope of their practice unlawfully. When you wonder whether to financially support TOA…envision podiatrists operating on the knee. The workers comp fight has been lengthy

10 colleagues and sending in your dues. In order to be effective in our efforts to unite all orthopaedic surgeons in promoting the highest professional, ethical, and moral standards, we must have your help. Maureen A. Finnegan, MD and John S. Early, MD have offered to be your references.

11 TOA MEMBERSHIP DUES 2002 Dues: $ 350.00 Balance Due: $ 350.00

12 Membership Benefits Letter

13 Free CME TOA social events for you and your family Beneficial opportunities –Group purchasing opportunities –Referral services –Job banks –Web page listing through the TOA web site

14 Membership Benefits Letter Access to federal and state legislators Communication –Newsletters –Managed care reviews –Membership directories –Legislative updates –Web site forum Representation!

15 Organizing physicians grass roots effort Working to affect positive changes to the Texas Workers Compensation Commission Increasing trauma funding and networking with trauma physicians Serving as medical information resource to state regulatory agencies, public officials, and the Texas Legislature

16 Representation! Researching and conducting studies –Patient Satisfaction on Managed Care Study –Podiatry Study –Orthopaedic Practice Expenses by Payor Study Monitoring and reporting the expansion of scope of practice by allied healthcare providers to the possible detriment to public health Serving as liaisons to subspecialty affiliations AAOS, TMA, TAPA, and AMA

17 Just Bill Em Results 600 Letters sent out to non-members 80 Responses returned with a check 13.33% Response Rate $28,000 First Year Membership dues collected 14.2% Above projected goal!


19 Approximate Cost of Campaign Planning$100.00 Purchasing lists$200.00 Merging lists (labor)$250.00 Printing letters & env.$210.00 Postage$260.00 Follow Up/Data entry$150.00 Total $1170.00

20 Cultivating Residents Getting a jump on encouraging involvement.

21 Cultivating Residents Free Membership Encourage participation at meetings Resident Paper Award Resident Quiz Bowl Golf Tournament Resident newsletter The Business of Orthopaedics – –Practice Management for Orthopaedic Residents

22 The Business of Orthopaedics Practice Management for Orthopaedic Residents Location, Location, Location Practice Decisions Your First Employment Contract –How to Evaluate and Negotiate Check List for Setting Up Practice Financial Systems, Collections and Controls

23 The Business of Orthopaedics Practice Management for Orthopaedic Residents Reimbursement Issues Compliance Marketing Your Practice Talking to the Vendor Representatives Ethics

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