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Implementation and Management of INB using 9iAS INB Team Presentation.

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1 Implementation and Management of INB using 9iAS INB Team – – – Presentation Available: – Click on iAS Presentation Tuesday, October 29th, 2002, 11:15am

2 Presentation Agenda Components needed to run INB Installation of 9iAS Setting up Test and Production environments. Configuration Files Security Issues Managing INB/Helpful Hints Discussion

3 Components needed to run INB in a multi-tier architecture Client Windows 95,98,NT, 2000, XP Mac-MRJ 2.2.6 Browser - Netscape 4.x,6.2), IE 5.x,6.x JInitiator Database Server Oracle Alpha Open VMS 7.3 Application Server Oracle 9iAS Patch 10 for forms6i SQLNETSQLNET

4 Application Server Components Communication Services Business Logic Services Presentation Services Other Services –Caching Services –Content Management –Business Logic Services –Portal Services –Business Intelligence Services

5 The Application Server 9iAS Forms Listener Servlet Architecture The new Forms6i patch 4 and above

6 Advantages of the new architecture Broader range of firewalls and proxies supported No protocol restriction (HTTP /1.1 or HTTP/1.0 both work - former better) No extra process to manage No specific certificate to purchase/manage for SSL deployment Standard load balance

7 Oracle HTTP Listener powered by Apache What is it? Where to find info? – Security alerts Documentation FAQs Mailing Lists As it relates to 9iAS? –Apache 1.3.19 is distributed w/9iAS (NT/2000)

8 Installation of 9iAS for INB Hardware Requirements –Windows NT/2000 Server or Sun Solaris Physical Memory/Total Available Page file space or swap space Software Requirements: –Webserver - 9iAS release 1 –Forms (patch 10)

9 Installation of 9iAS for INB Installation –FAQ 3601 - Installing Banner 5.0 Webforms w/ias on Windows Unclear Items –Printer=SCTMTA15 and ClientDPI (Mac) –FAQ 5753 -Preferred Servlet Mode Webforms Configuration –FAQ 5090 - Implementing a Servlet Mode Webform Configuration

10 Installation of 9iAS for INB –Patches Applied #2244996 - Latest mod_plsql build #2424256 - HTTP Server Security Patch #2492925 - Open SSL Vulnerabilities #2302473 - Install new version of 9iAS toolkit Differences between FAQ 3601 and 9iAS Enterprise Installation Guide –WebCache - if you plan on using it, select it in the configuration wizard - can configure other components later.

11 Setting up Test and Production environments Hardware/Software –Test Box –2 production boxes (80-100 sessions) with Round Robin 9iAS and fmx on each box The Windows Desktop –Jinitiator –Browser –Shortcuts

12 Configuration Files Oracle\806\forms60\server\default.env Contains instance/environment specific settings Test.env & Prod.env – tailored for each instance - LOCAL - TNS_ADMIN - FORMS60_PATH - REPORTS60_PATH - GRAPHICS60_PATH

13 More Configuration Files Oracle\806\forms60\server\formsweb.cfg Forms Servlet Configuration File - Jinitiator Parameters - System parameters Base.htm, Baseie.htm, Basejini.htm - User Parameters - Specific Configuration [prod] envFile=prod.env pageTitle= PROD INB

14 More Configuration Files Oracle\isuites\apache\apache\conf\httpd.conf Main apache server configuration file Oracle\isuites\apache\apache\conf\oracle_apache.conf Contains includes to other configuration files Oracle\isuites\apache\apache\conf\mime.types Mapping between MIME types & file extensions Oracle\isuites\apache\\modplsql\cfg\ Dad Definitions for mod_plsql Oracle\isuites\6iserver\conf\6iserver.conf 6i configuration file for Apache listener – Contains the virtual path for Banner On-line Help Files Oracle\isuites\6iserver\forms60\server\basejini.htm Default base HTML file to run a form on the web using Jinitiator

15 Security- If you boot it.. They will come Entrust ( vs. Verisign –Our own certificate authority –Pricing (according to entrust site 10/2002) 10 entrust SSL web server certificates $1490 10 verisign SSL web server certificates $2490 –Management 2 year certificates easier for management Support –Request Simplified

16 Security How to make INB Secure –FAQ# 7271 Additional Information –Chain Certificate –Formsweb.cfg - connect mode and serverURL to HTTPS

17 Mac Issues with Security Could not run INB on patch3a with/wo SSL Able to run INB on patch 9 w/o SSL; could not do SSL According to notes on BORACLE, INB on a Mac w/SSL runs under Patch 6. According to SCT, Oracle says cannot run SSL on any patch level and they dont support it. Citrix

18 Security Advanced Security Option –As long as Application Server and dbserver are behind the same firewall, you do not need. Work Study Student Access outside the office and hours worked

19 Issues Netscape –Netscape 6.23 ( DLL issue, Selecting other forms) –Wxp - Netscape 7 issue IE - Closing Browser, Closes Banner Other –Task Bar - W95, W98 –Black fields on our in-house forms.

20 Managing INB Remove script (rotatelogs - Bug #2156972) Sync Routine Job to ensure HTTPSERVICE is running. XLF - Log Analyzer 123 Making Banner Unavailable Making Banner Available for Upgrade testing Log files –Parse the log file for Oracle errors

21 Logs and Trace Files access_log error_log ssl_request_log jserv.log mod_jserv.log sqlnet.log

22 Helpful Hints Installation Hints –Requirements - 128 mb just for iAS –Clean Install –Enterprise Edition Oracle HTTP Server in SSL mode Oracle 9iAS forms and reports server. –Accept Defaults for Oracle Home, Wireless, portals, etc. –Accounts and privileges –Missing Icons

23 Helpful Hints –Burn CD for Jiniator –Enable Java Console click on jiniator in start, program click on show java console under basic tab

24 Helpful Hints Extract Data with/without key (FAQ #5132) SCT Documentation Bookshelf does not work in INB.

25 Discussion Items Forms Development Workstudy Security Issues Running INB secure on a MAC Documentation Bookshelf Workaround Production environments – Pros & Cons NT vs Solaris Statistical Packages

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