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Upgrading to Banner 6 University of Scranton John Tabor.

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1 Upgrading to Banner 6 University of Scranton John Tabor

2 Presentation Overview Pre-Requirements Timeline Local Modifications Test New Features Installation Process Challenges Open Discussion

3 Pre-Requirements Upgrade Application Server Upgrade to Oracle 9i Move to INB Training

4 Application Server Upgrade Convert OAS to IAS Release 1 Apply Patch Set 13 ( Regenerate all forms

5 Upgrade Database Server Upgrade to Oracle 9i ( Old version Install JVM (Java Virtual Machine) (noted in FAQ 11510) Recompile all programs VMS compile bug (patch for oracle - 2936752) running application on different server

6 Move to INB Inactivate Banner Client Restrict Student Employee Access Security Concerns

7 Restrict Access to Banner Check if staff or faculty (ecls_code) Check if current workstudy student Check hours (regular 8:30 – 4:30, extended 8:00am to 10:00pm) Determine IP address (prevent access from labs and dorms or outside the university) Allow exceptions

8 Training Highlight training offered to all Banner users One day training session New look and feel of Banner Enhancement summaries Internet Training from SCT (Fee Assessment, Student Web, Open Learning)

9 Timeline May – Pre-Requirements (test) Jun 8 – Application Server (prod) Jun 16 – Banner 6 (test) Jul 26 – Oracle 9i (prod) Aug 18 – Full INB Sep 29 – Banner 6 Training Oct 2 – Banner 6 (Prod) Testing done with each step

10 Local Modifications New GPA Calculation Self Service Menus Run Web Forms from Banner Customize Banner Toolbar Logo, Confidentiality Screen and Message Lines


12 Test New Features Enhanced Menu Interface Searching by Alternate ID (changing from SSN to generated ID) Data Extract (available in Banner 5 now enabled for all forms) Open Learning Fee Assessment (totally rewritten) Self Service Enhancements (header, syllabus, office hours, dynamic schedule and catalog)






18 Test Existing Programs Test Plans by Module Test Local Programs

19 Installation Process Post System Downtime Check Scheduler Jobs Back Up System Check Table Space Check Disk Space Save Security Tables Shutdown Access to Prod

20 Timing and Order General 6.0 (2 hrs) Web Tailor 6.0 (30 min) General Web 6.0 (30 min) Advancement 6.0 (1 hr) A/R 6.0 (1 hr) Finance 6.0 (1 hr) Position Control and HR 6.0 (2.5 hr)

21 Timing and Order (cont) Student and Integration Components 6.0 (2 hr) Faculty Self Service 6.0 (1 hr) Fin Aid 6.0 and 6.1 (2 hr) Student Self Service (2 hr) Payroll 6.0.1 (45 min)

22 Timing and Order (cont) Student Distribution Fixes (1 hr) (about 50 fixes) Copy forms from test to prod (eliminate regeneration) Recompile programs with upgrade (cannot copy because of bug)

23 After Install More Testing Another Back Up Make System Available

24 Problems SQL Path for VMS (FAQ 11575) Upgrade aborts on xRUREADY JAR File (Missing Icons) Backdating of SFAREGS (we use refund by total) Missing Bottom Status Bar (INB defect 90016) Bookshelf (available after install)- Where to store when running multiple machines

25 Problems (cont) Performance (Menu Load Time) (FAQ 11627 Fine Grain Access) Defects

26 Open Discussion

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