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2 Civil Society Consultative Group (CCG), Nigeria Civil Society Consultative Group is a network of CSOs working with WB, Nigeria and her partners to add value to her development efforts in Nigeria The network was formed in 2007 with active members mostly in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria.

3 Between March - June, 2011, CCG received grant (US $ 23,000) from the WB to facilitate Civil Society monitoring and reporting of project performance to support the preparation of 2011 ISR in Nigeria. The initiative, is in furtherance of the WB Access to Information Reforms which seeks to guarantees civil society (including CSOs, FBOs, associations, media and beneficiaries) with the right to access critical information on Bank projects, including also the assessment of project performance and independence reporting. Pilot EISR+ in Nigeria:

4 Objectives of the Process: To improve monitoring and subsequent effectiveness of Bank-supported projects in Nigeria through the engagement of a body of civil society representatives in the monitoring of the performance of Bank-supported projects.

5 Coverage - Projects The Pilot EISR+ covered 4 Projects: Fadama III project (covering 36 states & FCT) Commercial Agriculture DevelopmentProject – CADP (covering 5 states) Community and Social Development Project – CSDP (covering … states) Malaria Control Booster Project - MCBP (covering 7 States)

6 Coverage - EISR+ Field Mission: The Pilot EISR field mission Covered 8 states (2 per project) 16 LGAs (2 Per State) 32 communities (2 per LGA - 1 Urban & 1 Rural to the extent possible).

7 Key Implementati on Phases: Setting up of Technical Coordinating Team, Development of Monitoring Tools, Training / Orientation of Field Mission Team Members, Field Mission, and Data Analysis and Report Writing

8 Aspects of the Projects Monitored (1) For the 3 CDD projects (CADP, CSDP & FADAMA III): The quality and inclusiveness of community, participation and decision-making (including gender and social inclusion) Beneficiaries satisfaction with service delivery, including sub-project implementation rates, accessibility and quality of services The socio-economic impact of the project on target beneficiaries

9 Aspect of the Projects Monitored (2) For the MCBP project: Institutional capacity-building; Availability, access to and quality of malaria services being provided to beneficiaries; Community participation in decision-making on malaria service provision Gender and social inclusion

10 Key Issues in the Coordination of the EISR+ in Nigeria CCG / WB/ Government collaborative Partnership in EISR+ in Nigeria Open Access, What Stakeholders know about it?; Promotion of integrity and independence of CSOs actors as development partners not antagonistic

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