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Arp High School Presentation by Peter M. Riley Brandy L. Brewster.

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2 Arp High School Presentation by Peter M. Riley Brandy L. Brewster

3 Introduction to Arp Each year Arp proudly participates in a variety of programs including: Education Athletics Music Technology Student Organizations

4 Education Overall TAAS Scores

5 Education Many advanced courses in: Mathematics Technology Language Arts GT Classes Social Studies

6 Athletics

7 Football Under the coaching of Randy Copeland. Last year we were 13 and 1 in football. This year we are ranked 2 nd in the State. Volleyball Under the coaching of Leann Roberts for 17 years. We have been to the playoffs for the last 14 years. Coach Roberts just won her 350 th game last week.

8 Music

9 Arp Tiger Pride Band will be participating in the Homecoming Parade tomorrow. We hope to do well at Contest in two weeks.

10 Technology We have a strong and large technology program at Arp. We support a large LAN. Local Area Network All computers are Networked together. 6 Computer Labs on campus. Average of 20 computers in each lab.

11 Technology

12 Web Mastering The Web Mastering class, in order to apply their newly learned skills to real world situations, produces the pages that will go up on the Arp web site.

13 Organizations We have a wide field of Clubs at Arp. Deca NHS FCA FFA Yearbook Tiger Vision

14 Deca We are in District 6. 14 students currently in our Chapter Established nationally in 1946. Upcoming events include: Competition in Texarkana February 5 th. After that is State Competition March 2 nd. Then finally is the International Competition in Utah April 20-23 rd. Mission is to enhance the education of students with interest in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.

15 National Honor Society hosted a Stewart Blood drive and received over 30 pints of blood. tutoring about 45 students before lunch for students in need of help. raising money for cancer children at ST. Judes hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Service Projects

16 Overall Arp is a well-rounded school in all aspects of Education, Sports, and Fine Arts.

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