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Chapter 19 Struggles for Democracy

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1 Chapter 19 Struggles for Democracy
Section Three The Collapse of the Soviet Union

2 Gorbachev Moves Toward Democracy
What is the legacy of Leonid Brezhnev and the old Soviet Politburo? Mikhail Gorbachev……….Who is he? Glasnost………”Openness”….What did it mean for the Soviet Union? Churches opened Political prisoners released Banned authors allowed to publish books Okay for reporters to criticize officials

3 Reforming the Economy and Politics
What is Perestroika? Economic restructuring. Managers of farms and factories could make more decisions on their own. People could open small private businesses. Tried to preserve communism. What is Democratization? Gradual opening of the political system. Election of a new group of lawmakers. Communist Party no longer chose all candidates. What was the change to Soviet foreign policy?

4 The Soviet Union Faces Turmoil
Soviet Union made up of 15 republics. Demand for self-rule and outright independence. Lithuania defies Gorbachev Who is Boris Yeltsin? Yeltsin denounces Gorbachev What was the August Coup? The end of the Soviet Union………..the birth of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

5 Russia Under Boris Yeltsin
What were Yeltsin’s problems? What was “shock therapy”? Who are the Chechnya Rebels? What do they want?

6 Russia Under Vladimir Putin
Chechnya troubles continue. What are the troubles facing Russia in the following areas: Economic Political Social

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