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100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Phonics Rebecca Stories Grammar 504 Vocabulary.

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8 Phonics Rebecca Stories Grammar 504 Vocabulary

9 I-100 Which word has the same I sound as in fly? –This –Nice Answer. Game board

10 I-200 Which word has the same u sound as in huge? –hug –much –use Answer. Game board

11 I-300 Which word has the same h sound as in wheel? –heal –what Answer. Game board

12 I-400 Which word rhymes with class? –calls –mass –trash Answer. Game board

13 I-500 Which word rhymes with night? –bite –knit –sky Answer. Game board

14 II-100 I (defected, detected) a tiny hole in the door. Answer. Game board

15 II-200 He (predicts, utilizes) that the final will be easy. Answer. Game board

16 II-300 What is big and heavy, bulky, or large and solid? A.Torrent B.Massive C.Obvious D.Adequate Answer. Game board

17 II-400 He was _______ to go. A.prominent B.urgent C.reluctant D.thorough Answer. Game board

18 II-500 Define defraud. Answer. Game board

19 III-100 When do you scan while reading? Answer. Game board

20 III-200 How should you take notes while reading? Why? Answer. Game board

21 III-300 What is an inference? Answer. Game board

22 III-400 How do you summarize a text? What do you need to include? Answer. Game board

23 III-500 What is the difference between a metaphor and a simile? Answer. Game board

24 IV-100 The Sons of Liberty _____ British ships in Boston Harbor. a. didnt want b. do not wanted c. didnt not want d. did not wanting Answer. Game board

25 IV-200 _____ you ever heard of Martin Luther King Jr.? a. Has b. Have c. Having d. Will have Answer. Game board

26 IV-300 If we clean our rooms, Mom _____ us to the movies tonight. a. take b. takes c. will take d. will takes Answer. Game board

27 IV-400 If it rains, the students _____ inside. a. stay b. stays c. stayed d. staying Answer. Game board

28 IV-500 Mike _____ a lot about American history since school started. a. learned b. learning c. has learned d. have learned Answer. Game board

29 V-100 Who meets Rebecca in the desert? Answer. Game board

30 V-200 Who lives with Nancy and Rebecca? Answer. Game board

31 V-300 Who came to talk to the children about the picnic? Answer. Game board

32 V-400 Where do Rebecca and Alberto go on their first date? (2 places) Answer. Game board

33 V-500 Whats Nancys uncles name? Answer. Game board

34 I-100 A nice Game board

35 I-200 A use Game board

36 I-300 A what Game board

37 I-400 A mass Game board

38 I-500 A bite Game board

39 II-100 A detected Game board

40 II-200 A predicts Game board

41 II-300 A B Massive Game board

42 II-400 A C reluctant Game board

43 II-500 A Take money, rights, etc. away by cheating Game board

44 III-100 A When you want to find specific information. Game board

45 III-200 A You should: Write down important things in your own words Use words or abbreviations, short phrases or pictures You should take notes to focus your attention and remember facts more easily. Game board

46 III-300 A It is making a logical guess based on what the author is telling you. You use knowledge and experience to help you guess. Game board

47 III-400 A You restate the main ideas in your own words. You need to include the main points and the details to support the main points. Game board

48 III-500 A A simile uses like or as in the comparison. A metaphor compares without using like or as. Game board

49 IV-100 A a. didnt want Game board

50 IV-200 A b. Have Game board

51 IV-300 A c. will take Game board

52 IV-400 A a. stay Game board

53 IV-500 A c. has learned Game board

54 V-100 A Alberto Game board

55 V-200 A Melaku Angela Game board

56 V-300 A The police officer Game board

57 V-400 A The Golden Gate Bridge The Casa Mendoza Restaurant Game board

58 V-500 A Edward Game board




62 And he: simple presentsimple past present continuouspast perfect present perfectfuture


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