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100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 400 300 200 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Wizard of Oz Rebecca Twister, the Movie Food Vocabulary.

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8 Wizard of Oz Rebecca Twister, the Movie Food Vocabulary

9 I-100 Who is the good witch? Answer. Game board

10 I-200 How does Dorothy get home? Answer. Game board

11 I-300 What do poppies do to people? Answer. Game board

12 I-400 What will the Scarecrow do when Dorothy goes home? Answer. Game board

13 I-500 What are 3 ways the movie and the book are different? Answer. Game board

14 II-100 adjective loudly or funny? Answer. Game board

15 II-200 noun hot dog or she Answer. Game board

16 II-300 verb eat or wow Answer. Game board

17 II-400 interjection ouch or run Answer. Game board

18 II-500 adjective but or harsh Answer. Game board

19 III-100 Name the 2 main characters. Answer. Game board

20 III-200 Name three other characters besides Jo and Bill. Answer. Game board

21 III-300 What do you call two tornadoes that appear together? Answer. Game board

22 III-400 What are the signs of a twister? Answer. Game board

23 III-500 Name the type of tornadoes that appear in the movie in order. Answer. Game board

24 IV-100 Name 3 typical foods for LUNCH. Answer. Game board

25 IV-200 Name 3 typical foods for BREAKFAST. Answer. Game board

26 IV-300 Name 3 typical foods for DINNER. Answer. Game board

27 IV-400 Name 3 typical DESSERTS. Answer. Game board

28 IV-500 Name 3 typical BEVEREGES. Answer. Game board

29 V-100 Who is Rebeccas classmate and helps her with recording her song Dreamcatcher? Answer. Game board

30 V-200 Why did Patrick NOT talk with Nancy Shaw? Answer. Game board

31 V-300 What was the Casey family secret? Answer. Game board

32 V-400 Who sees Ramón and Rebeccas first kiss? Answer. Game board

33 V-500 Name everybody who flies on an airplane during Episodes second semester. Answer. Game board

34 I-100 A Glinda. Game board

35 I-200 A She clicks the heels of her silver slippers three times and thinks about Kansas. Game board

36 I-300 A They make people sleep and never wake up. Game board

37 I-400 A He will be the mayor of the Emerald City. Game board

38 I-500 A The ruby red slippers. Many extra chapters in the book. Characters (Zeke,Earl, the professor, Miss Gulch) appear in Kansas. No Quadlings, China people, blockheads… in the movie. Game board

39 II-100 A funny Game board

40 II-200 A Hot dog Game board

41 II-300 A eat Game board

42 II-400 A ouch Game board

43 II-500 A harsh Game board

44 III-100 A Jo and Bill Game board

45 III-200 A Jonas, Melissa, Aunt Meg, Dusty Game board

46 III-300 A Twin sisters Game board

47 III-400 A Horizontal rain and flying debris. Game board

48 III-500 A F5, F2 or 3, then F4 and then F5 Game board

49 IV-100 A peanut butter and jelly sandwich ham and cheese sandwich Game board

50 IV-200 A cereal oatmeal eggs-scrambled, fried… pancakes waffles Game board

51 IV-300 A Enchiladas spaghetti steak and potatoes meatloaf chicken and rice Game board

52 IV-400 A cake ice cream pudding cookies fruit Game board

53 IV-500 A lemonade milk pop water tea coffee juice Game board

54 V-100 A Brendan Casey was Catherines boyfriend first, but when Brendan went to fight in the Korean War, Patrick hooked up with her. She chose Patrick. Game board

55 V-200 A Nancy told Rebeccas mother that she should stay with Brendan. Game board

56 V-300 A They serve people dinner at a shelter. Game board

57 V-400 A Nancy sees their first kiss. Game board

58 V-500 A Rebecca Kevin Alex Brendan Anne Alberto Mr. & Mrs. Mendoza Game board






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