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VOCABULARY UNIT 4 LESSON 1 The Clever Daughter-in-Law.

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1 VOCABULARY UNIT 4 LESSON 1 The Clever Daughter-in-Law

2 riddle it is a NOUN a mystifying, misleading, or puzzling question posed as a problem to be solved or guessed Synonym: mystery, puzzle, question Example: The riddle of the Sphinx is very famous.

3 clever it is an ADJECTIVE Mentally quick and original Synonym: bright, cunning Antonym: senseless Example: A clever person finds the answer to a problem very quickly.

4 daughter-in-law it is a NOUN The wife of one's son Example: Jims parents really like his new wife, their new daughter-in-law. daughter-in-lawMother and father-in-law His parentswife and husband

5 father-in-law it is a NOUN The father of one's husband or wife. Example: Jane will name her son after her father-in-law. wife and husbandHis parents daughter-in-lawMother and father-in-law

6 lantern it is a NOUN A decorative casing for a light, often of paper Example: People use lanterns when they dont have electricity to see where they are going.

7 to be missed it is a VERB Synonym: To be without Example: When she moved to another country her friend called her to tell her that she missed her, she wanted her to come back.

8 lovely it is an ADJECTIVE very pretty or attractive. Synonym: beautiful Antonym: ugly Example: Those babies are so cute! Arent they lovely?

9 shocked shocked it is an ADJECTIVE struck with fear Synonym: dismayed, horrified Antonym: fearless Example: The people were shocked when they heard that the king was dead.

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