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MIDTERM REVIEW PEC1. Vocabulary from Lesson 1 to Lesson 5 01. This is a big ______. house 02. Bob is not blond. He is __________. dark-haired.

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2 Vocabulary from Lesson 1 to Lesson This is a big ______. house 02. Bob is not blond. He is __________. dark-haired

3 03. The baby is in the ______. kitchen 04. Paris is a big ___. city 05. This is my _______. football

4 06. Mom is not at the park. She is _______. 07. This is so ____________! 08. The dog is on the ____. at home embarrassing sofa

5 09. The kids are at the ______ _______. 10. Jane is not dark-haired. She’s _____. 11. Rockville is not a city. It is a ____. football practice blond town

6 12. What a big _________! 13. The cellular phone is in its _______. 14. This _____ is ______. parking lot charger orange parka

7 15. The ________ is in front of the old man. baggage 16. Sue is very ___; but her boyfriend is very _____. tall short

8 17. This _______ _____ is very good. 18. The ______ / ____ is ___; it’s not blue. 19. This ____ is very beautiful. store clothing bicycle bike red park

9 20. These three ____ are new. 21. Edward’s _____ is brown. bags jacket

10 22. My friends are not at school; they are on _______. 23. My teacher is ___ for school. vacation late

11 24. My father is a ______ _____. 25. The kids are on the _______ in front of their houses. coach sidewalk football

12 26. Mrs. Franco and Mr. Bell are _________. 28. Mark and Marjorie are ___________. neighbors police officers 27. Mom’s ____ is red. coat

13 29. These are the girl’s ______. clothes 31. Mr. Johnson isn’t a teacher. He is my mom’s ____. boss 30. This is a __________ of my ________ friend. photograph American

14 32. These are Ann and her ________. He is from ______. He is ______. boyfriend France French 33. Mr. Sullivan is at the ________ now. post office

15 35. “Look at that car!” “ Yeah, It’s ____!” cool 34. This baby is really ____! cute

16 36. _______ of my neighbor’s dog! It is not a good dog. 37. These players are _____.rivals Beware

17 38. Hey, ________! watch out 39. This is my uncle Mike’s ________. workplace

18 Hi! My _____´s Maggie. My _____ is Homer and my ______ is Marge. My ______ is Bart and my _____ is Lisa. father name mother brother sister namefather mother brothersister

19 I’m Homer. Marge is my ____, and I am her ________. We are Lisa, Maggie and Brat’s _______. Maggie and Marge are our _________ and Brat is our ____. wife husband parents daughters son wife husband parents daughtersson

20 01. CCAA is a __ course. a) great b) ready c) street 02. Superman movie is at the __ on my street. a) house b) store c) movie theater 03. CCAA is on 44, Uberaba __. a) park b) street c) vacation Vocabulary

21 04. My __ Jim is my mother’s brother. a) uncle b) mom c) father 05. Donald is not good-looking. He is __. a) good-looking b) ugly c) blond. 06. “Excuse me.” “__.” a) Come on in b) Sure c) Hey!

22 07. The clothes at S&K are not expensive. They are __. a) ugly b) chill out c) on sale 08. My dog is under that apple __. a) kitchen b) house c) tree 09. This Kibon chocolate __ is very good! a) Popsicle b) apple c) parka

23 10. __ is the synonym of “embarrassing”. a) Interesting b) Expensive c) Mortified 11. Where is your school ____, Jim? a) stuff b) wife c) sofa 12. Twelve dollars for a Bic pen is very ________! a) charger b) expensive c) coach

24 Mark the best item: Grammar 01. Alfred __ my new neighbor. a) is b) am c) are 02. __ that your teacher? a) Am b) Is c) Are

25 03. What’s this? It’s __ book. a) the b) a c) an 04. This is __ English book. a) the b) a c) an 05. Ted, Mike and Fred __ American. a) is b) am c) are

26 06. __ boy over there is my brother. a) The b) An c) A 07. __ books here are Jim’s. a) This b) Those c) These 08. __ girl over there is really beautiful. a) Those b) That c) This 09. __ cellular phones over here are new. a) Those b) That c) These

27 10. I __ George and he __ Harold. a) is / am b) am / is c) is / am 11. Mike and I __ American. We __ French. a) am not / are b) are not / is c) are not / are 12. __ your neighbor over there? a) Is this b) Is that c) This is

28 13. I am from __ United States. a) the b) an c) a 14. __ my book over here? a) Is that b) That is c) Is this 15. __ my brother. a) This is b) Is this c) That is

29 16. Mr. Orthis is __ the door. a) behind b) in front of c) on 17. The dog is __ the boy. a) in front of b) in c) behind

30 18. __’s that? That’s Bill. a) Who b) What c) How 19. __’s my new parka? It’s over there. a) Who b) How c) Where 20. __ are Fed and Jimmy? They’re fine. a) How b) What c) Where 21. __ is your neighbor? Jeff is. a) Who b) How c) Where

31 22. __ car is that? It’s Mr. Franco’s. a) Who b) Where c) Whose 23. __ are your friends? They’re over there. a) Where b) How c) Whose 24. __ bike is that? It’s Hanna’s. a) What b) Whose c) Where 25. This is the Robinsons __ house. a) ‘s b) s c) ’

32 26. Jeff __ my teacher. a) ’m b) ’s c) ’re 27. Whose beautiful house is that? a) It’s the Smith’s house. b) It’s the Smiths house. c) It’s the Smiths’ house. 28. Jim and I __ teachers. We are students. a) aren’t b) am not c) isn’t

33 29. I __ Gilbert. I __ Paul. a) ’m not / are b) isn’t / ’m c) ’m not / ’m 30. Whose footballs are those? a) They’re the boys. b) They are the boys’s c) They are the boys’

34 31. What’s the matter, Jim? a) This coat is old and ugly. b) I’m fine. Thank you. c) Welcome to our school. 32. Where are you from? a) I am from Brazil. b) I am your neighbor. c) Welcome to Brazil.

35 33. Where’s Samantha? a) He’s here. b) She’s fine, thanks. c) She’s over there, behind the tree. 34. Who’s that boy? a) She’s fine. b) He’s over there. c) He’s my friend Jack. 35. Are Michael and I great players? a) Yes, I am. b) Yes, they are. c) Yes, you are.

36 36. Thank you for the Popsicle. a) Sure. Come on in. b) Excuse me? c) You’re welcome. 37. Are you my neighbors? a) No, I’m not. b) Yes, we are. c) No, he’s not. 38. Is Sally a good student? a) Yes, I am. b) Yes, we are. c) Yes, she is.

37 39. This is Susan’s house. __ is great! a) Our b) My c) It 40. Is this my pen? Yes, Jim. This is __ pen. a) his b) your c) their 41. Hey you guys, are these __ pens? a) my b) your c) our

38 42. That boy is __ brother. __ name’s Bill. a) it /His b) my / His c) my / My 43. “Look at the Smiths’ house!” “Yeah, __ house is great!” a) your b) our c) their 44. Is this your dog’s house? a) Yes, we are. b) Yes, it is. c) Yes, you are.

39 ____________. ________________. __________. It’s ten a.m. It’s midnight It’s twelve midnight It’s three p.m. What time is it? 12:00 10:00 3:00

40 ________. _____________. ___________. _____________. It’s three a.m. It’s twelve noon It’s noon It’s eleven p.m. 12:00 11:00 3:00

41 Prepositions 01.The girl is __ the kitchen. 02. Look at the baby! It is _____ the table. in under

42 03. My father’s car is ________ our house. 04. The motorcycle is ______ the car. 05. Rex, my dog, is __ the sofa. in front of behind on

43 08. My uncle’s car is ______ the street. across 06. Peter is __ his motorcycle. 07. The bicycle is _____ the apple tree. under by

44 08. The car _____ are ___.onlights 09. The car lights are ___. 10. The kids aren't __ the house. They are ______. off in outside

45 10. These are my friends Tim and Paul. Their dog is _______ them. Tim is the boy __ the left. And Paul is the boy __ the right. between on

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