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Distributed System Lab.1 Cloud API Xen, XenServerAmazon EC2, Eucalyptus, and OpenNebula.

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1 Distributed System Lab.1 Cloud API Xen, XenServerAmazon EC2, Eucalyptus, and OpenNebula

2 Distributed System Lab.2 Outline API List Xen 3.2.0 XenServer 5.6.0 Amazon EC2 2010-11-15 OpenNebula 2.0 Eucalyptus Comparison Sheet Image Management Instance Control Networking & Security Block Storage Management Physical Host Management References Q & A

3 Distributed System Lab.3 Xen 3.2.0

4 Distributed System Lab.4 XenServer 5.6.0 - XenCenter & xsconsole

5 Distributed System Lab.5 XenServer 5.6.0 - Common Command List by xe

6 Distributed System Lab.6 XenServer 5.6.0 - Common Command List by xe

7 Distributed System Lab.7 XenServer 5.6.0 - Common Command List by xe

8 Distributed System Lab.8 XenServer 5.6.0 - Common Command List by xe

9 Distributed System Lab.9 Amazon EC2 2010-11-15 - List of Actions by Function Amazon DevPay ConfirmProductInstance AMIs CreateImage, DeregisterImage, DescribeImageAttribute, DescribeImages, ModifyImageAttribute Availability Zones and Regions DescribeAvailabilityZones, DescribeRegions Amazon Elastic Block Store AttachVolume, CreateSnapshot, CreateVolume, DeleteSnapshot, DeleteVolume, DescribeSnapshotAttribute, DescribeSnapshots, DescribeVolumes, DetachVolume, ImportVolume, ModifySnapshotAttribute, ResetSnapshotAttribute Elastic IP Addresses AllocateAddress, AssociateAddress, DescribeAddresses, DisassociateAddress, ReleaseAddress General GetConsoleOutput, Images, RegisterImage, ResetImageAttribute Instances DescribeInstanceAttribute, DescribeInstances, ImportInstance, ModifyInstanceAttribute, RebootInstances, ResetInstanceAttribute, RunInstances, StartInstances, StopInstances, TerminateInstances Key Pairs CreateKeyPair, DeleteKeyPair, DescribeKeyPairs, ImportKeyPair

10 Distributed System Lab.10 Amazon EC2 2010-11-15 - List of Actions by Function Monitoring MonitorInstances, UnmonitorInstances Placement Groups CreatePlacementGroup, DeletePlacementGroup, DescribePlacementGroups Reserved Instances DescribeReservedInstances, DescribeReservedInstancesOfferings, PurchaseReservedInstancesOffering Security Groups AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress, CreateSecurityGroup, DeleteSecurityGroup, DescribeSecurityGroups, RevokeSecurityGroupIngress Spot Instances CancelSpotInstanceRequests, CreateSpotDatafeedSubscription, DeleteSpotDatafeedSubscription, DescribeSpotDatafeedSubscription, DescribeSpotInstanceRequests, DescribeSpotPriceHistory, RequestSpotInstances Tags CreateTags, DeleteTags, DescribeTags VM Import CancelConversionTask, DescribeConversionTasks, ImportInstance, ImportVolume Windows BundleInstance, CancelBundleTask, DescribeBundleTasks, GetPasswordData

11 Distributed System Lab.11 OpenNebula 2.0 Command Line Interface onevm: to submit, control and monitor virtual machines onehost: to add, delete and monitor hosts onevnet: to add, delete and monitor virtual networks oneuser: to add, delete and monitor users oneimage: to add, delete and control images onecluster: to add, delete and control clusters oneauth: tools to manage authentication and authorization Programming XML-RPC API Libvirt API EC2 Query API OGF OCCI API Ruby OCA API Java OCA API

12 Distributed System Lab.12 Eucalyptus - Euca2tools Image Management euca-bundle-image, euca-upload-bundle, euca-register, euca-download-bundle, euca-delete-bundle, euca-unbundle VM Control euca-describe-instances, euca-run-instances, euca- terminate-instance, euca-reboot-instances Networking and Security euca-allocate-address, euca-associate-address, euca- disassociate-address, euca-release-address, euca-add-group, euca-authorize, euca-revoke, euca-delete-group Using Block Storage euca-create-volume, euca-attach-volume, euca-detach- volume, euca-delete-volume, euca-delete-snapshot

13 Distributed System Lab.13 Image Management XenServerAmazon EC2OpenNebulaEucalyptus Create register*/create euca-bundle-image euca-upload-bundle euca-register Copyvm-copyCreateImagesaveas Importvm-import Exportvm-export euca-download-bundle Deletevm-uninstalldelete euca-delete-bundle Listvm-listlist/all Describe vm-param-list DescribeImages show euca-describe-instances Modify vm-param-set update*

14 Distributed System Lab.14 Instance Control XenServerAmazon EC2OpenNebulaEucalyptus Runvm-startdeploy euca-run-instances Rebootvm-rebootrestart euca-reboot-instances Shutdownvm-shutdown shutdown euca-terminate-instances Terminate Pausevm-pausehold Unpausevm-unpauserelease Suspendvm-suspendsuspend Resumevm-resumeresume Migratevm-migratelivemigrate

15 Distributed System Lab.15 Networking and Security XenServerAmazon EC2OpenNebulaEucalyptus Assign IP Release IP

16 Distributed System Lab.16 Block Storage Management XenServerAmazon EC2OpenNebulaEucalyptus AllocateCreateVolume euca-create-volume DeleteDeleteVolume euca-delete-volume Attachvm-disk-addAttachVolume euca-attach-volume Detach vm-disk-remove DetachVolume euca-detach-volume

17 Distributed System Lab.17 Physical Host Management XenServerAmazon EC2OpenNebulaEucalyptus Connect create Disconnect delete List host-listlist Syslog Describe host-param-list show Configure host-param-set Power On host-power-on Reboot host-reboot Shutdown host-shutdown

18 Distributed System Lab.18 References [1] XenServer Management API - dex.html [2] Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Documentation - [3] Amazon EC2 API Reference - ce/ [4] OpenNebula 2.0 References - [5] Using Euca2tools -

19 Distributed System Lab.19 Q & A Thank you!

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