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ST. LOUIS FAMILY COURT Judge Jimmie M. Edwards July 21, 2011.

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1 ST. LOUIS FAMILY COURT Judge Jimmie M. Edwards July 21, 2011

2 Juvenile Court Jurisdiction 1. Child Protection – under 18 Abuse physical sexual emotional Neglect environmental medical educational lack of supervision Purpose – protect child and assure a safe environment

3 2. Delinquency – under 17 violation of state law or ordinance committed by a juvenile prior to attaining the age of 17, which would be a crime if committed by an adult Purpose – treat, rehabilitate and hold juveniles accountable

4 3. Status Offenses Offenses which would not be offenses if committed by an adult  Truancy  Runaway  Curfew  Incorrigibility  Behaviors Injurious Purpose – treat and rehabilitate

5 Juvenile Court Jurisdiction 4. Adoption  to create a new permanent and legal parent-child relationship 5. Guardianship  to create a new legal custodian-child relationship

6 Legal Screening Ä Formal – prosecution Ä Informal – diversion services  Neighborhood Accountability Board  Victim Offender Dialogue  Theft Diversion  Misdemeanor Marijuana Court  Family Contracted Services  Informal Supervision  Youth Diversion program

7 Formal vs. Informal Decision Factors  felony vs. misdemeanor  history  age  injury  property damage  parent’s cooperation  victim’s position

8 Juvenile vs. Criminal Due Process Rights in Both Courts  right to an attorney  right to notice and opportunity to prepare for trial  right to present evidence  right to cross-examine witnesses  right to appeal Due Process Rights in Criminal Court Only  bail / bond  jury

9 Juvenile Justice Criminal Treatment OptionsSentences  official court supervisionprobation  private residential facility  Division of Youth Services Dept of Corrections (treatment) (prison)

10 Juvenile Court Treatment Official Court Supervision (probation) Restitution Gun Court Community service Drug Court Counseling MINE Program Drug treatment MultiSystemic Therapy Sex offender treatment Nightwatch Educational programs YES program Job training – MERS

11 Division of Youth Services Day treatment  Reach (Manchester & Kingshighway) Residential  Babler State Park  St. Louis Regional Center (MO Hills)  Hogan Street Aftercare  At home under supervision

12 Certification  felony offense  certification hearing  Judge must determine whether juvenile is a proper subject for juvenile court jurisdiction  juvenile court jurisdiction terminated  prosecutor may charge juvenile as adult The court must balance the appropriateness of treatment in the juvenile system and the community’s need for protection from the juvenile.

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