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6 th CERP Meeting One slide presentation from CERP#5 meeting 9-10 June 2008.

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1 6 th CERP Meeting One slide presentation from CERP#5 meeting 9-10 June 2008

2 One slide CERP Projects (CERP5 -> CERP6) AMI-4-SME ASPIRE BRIDGE CASAGRAS CE RFID CoBIs CuteLoop GRIFS Indisputable Key PRIME SMART SMMART (off-line video) StoLPaN SToP TraSer AITPL February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting2

3 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting3 AMI-4-SME – Revolution in Industrial Environment: Ambient Intelligence Technology for Systemic Innovation in Manufacturing SMEs Objectives: Enabling Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to apply systemic innovation for industrial working environments and Ambient Intelligence (AmI) Technology. Elaboration of enablers for realising AmI technology based turn-key solutions. Methodological Reference Model for AmI and Manufacturing Industry. Topics: Building Blocks: RFID based sensor system, mobile readers & middleware; Speech recognition system, for natural human interaction on mobile devices; AmI system adaptor for mobile device, service & system integration. Software Platform enabling a cost & time efficient environment for realising human centric turn-key solutions. AMI-4-SME Methodology for innovation in manufacturing SMEs and for realising successful utilisation of AmI technolo- gies. Duration: October 2005 – September 2008

4 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting4 ASPIRE : Advanced Sensors and lightweight Programmable middleware for Innovative Rfid Enterprise applications Objectives: Aims at facilitating the deployment of RFID solutions at the lowest possible cost Light-weight, intelligent, scalable, open source and privacy friendly middleware Standard- compliant Focusing on different application domains, such as: Cold Chain Management for food and diary products Asset Management for Pharmaceuticals Product Packaging, Tracking and Traceability Significantly lower the SME entry cost barrier and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for RFID technology solutions: Free Middleware running on Low-cost hardware Lower effort for managing the infrastructure and developing applications Topics: Requirements Engineering RFID Middleware Infrastructure RFID Middleware Programmability Privacy Protection and Privacy Friendliness Ubiquitous Added-Value Sensing and Low-Cost Readers Integration and Interoperability Duration: January 2008 – December 2010

5 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting5 BRIDGE: Building Radio frequency IDentification solutions for the Global Environment Objectives: Research, Develop and Implement a set of EPC/RFID technologies that will enable every physical product to have a duality of existence – both in the physical world and in the information space Analyse requirements, perform pilots and issue guidelines in seven areas / sectors of industry Address education and awareness needs Topics: High performance tags and readers Discovery Service prototype Serial level supply chain control Security at all levels of the architecture Applications including pilots in seven areas / sectors: anti-counterfeiting, pharmaceutical traceability, textiles, manufacturing, re-usable assets, products in service, retail Education material, dissemination initiatives and policy reports Duration: July 2006 to June 2009 (3 years)

6 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting6 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting6 CASAGRAS: Coordination and Support Action (CSA) for Global RFID-related Activities and Standardisation Objectives: To provide: A platform for international collaboration on all aspects of standards and regulations relating to RFID A framework and supporting documentation for incisive and analytical review of international RFID standards Recommendations with respect to international standardisation and regulatory developments for RFID Recommendations with respect to applications methodologies and positioning Recommendations for future research and development and international collaboration Recommendations to encourage participation of SMEs An on-going collaborative research platform for RFID Topics: Standards and Procedures for International Standardisation in relation to RFID, including applications and conformance standards Regulatory issues in respect of RFID standards Global coding systems in relation to RFID standards RFID in relation to Ubiquitous Computing and Networks Functional, including sensory, developments in RFID and Associated Standards Areas of Application, existing and future, and associated Standards Socio-economic components of RFID Usag e Duration: 18 months From 1 January 2008 to 30 June 2009

7 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting7 CE RFID: Coordinating European Efforts for Promoting the European RFID value chain Objectives: Strengthening RFID technology development in Europe Improving market conditions for RFID Informing policy makers about requirements for a favourable regulatory environment for RFID Topics: RFID Roadmap RFID R&D Recommendations Recommendations for RFID Standardisation RFID Guidelines Recommendations for RFID Legislation Duration: April 2006 – September 2008

8 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting8 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting8 CoBIs: Collaborative Business Items Objectives: Modelling of embedded business services Development of a service collaboration framework as well as a technology framework for integrating networked embedded systems Development of management support for collaborative networked embedded systems Investigation in real-world application trials Topics: Distribution of business process logic to real-world items, to the Point-of-Action Apply wireless networked (sensor) systems to embed business logic in physical entities Common service paradigm of business processes down to the hardware-level (Ubiquitous E-SOA) Collaboration in ad hoc networked embedded systems Duration:August 2004 – January 2007

9 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting9 CuteLoop – Customer in the Loop: Using Networked Devices enabled Intelligence for Proactive Customers Integration as Drivers of Integrated Enterprises Objectives: Realising an approach for agile coordination in business networks, having customers as key drivers. Enabling distributed asynchronous interaction in an integrated enterprise. Facilitating exchange of knowledge among Large Enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprises and customers. Topics: Facilitating usage of enhanced RFID- based systems and Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Architecture, combining principles from service oriented and event driven architectures. Software agents for distributed and asynchronous interaction. Secure network of interest and trust. Application scenarios from food chain and construction industry. Duration: February 2008 – January 2011

10 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting10 GRIFS:Global RFID Interoperability Forum for Standards Objectives: Document the standards activities taking place globally on RFID applied to physical items Establish liaisons to disseminate information about the importance of global standards and to align RFID standards development globally Put in place a Global RFID Interoperability forum for Standards (GRIFS), comprising global stakeholders, to ensure continuing close collaboration between standards activities Topics: Global standards – Situation analysis Public workshop in Brussels, June 2008 Liaisons with European projects and active role in CERP Five pilot workshops in Europe, Asia and US Draft Memorandum of Understanding between key RFID standard stakeholders Effective launch and operation of the MoU Duration: January 2008 to December 2009 (2 years)

11 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting11 Indisputable Key: Intelligent distributed process utilisation and blazing environmental key Objectives: To initiate an industrial breakthrough in traceability systems for wood To develop tracing technologies for the forest industry To improve competitiveness for sustainable raw materials To improve SMEs and Europes competitiveness To make new valuable data available for minimising waste and energy Topics: R&D of tracing technologies for logs, boards and wood items Pulping compatible RFID transponders Harvester based RFID reader Fast automatic transponder applicator Optical tracing technologies for boards Software modules interface tracing systems and sensors with databases Develop models and metrics to realise the new possibilities offered by the data Duration: October 2006 – September 2009

12 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting12 PRIME: Privacy and Identity Management for Europe Objectives: Solutions for privacy-enhancing identity management Demonstration of how to embed European privacy laws and regulations into technology Empower individuals to effectively realise their right to privacy and informational self-determination Development of real-world tools and solutions for identity management Topics: Requirements for Privacy Enhancing Identity Management PRIME Integrated Prototype and 2 Application Prototypes (LBS and Collaborative eLearning) PRIME Framework PRIME White paper Duration: March 2004 - February 2008 (extended till May 2008)

13 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting13 SMART: Intelligent Integration of Supply Chain Processes and Consumer Services based on Unique Product Identification in a Networked Business Environment Objectives: To enable innovative in-store consumer services and new supply- chain collaboration scenarios The provision of a scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure The development of new decision- support algorithms and software tools The establishment of a collaborative services repository and the development of a technological framework Topics: Consumer information services Store management Promotion management/ event execution Inventory management and collaborative replenishment (CRP/VMI, CPFR) Duration: 30 months

14 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting14 SMMART: System for Mobile Maintenance Accessible in Real Time

15 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting15 StoLPaN: Store Logistics and Payment with NFC Objectives: Establish a transparent, homogenous environment for the distribution, management, and use of NFC based mobile services. Use of NFC technology in the retail shopping, check out and payment process Topics: Design and development of a technical platform. technology usability security legal issues Elaboration of a supporting business model New process design incl. support services Design and development of PSA and back- office module Definition of BPR requirements Duration: 36 month July 2006 – Jun 2009

16 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting16 SToP: Stop Tampering of Products Objectives: Development of secure, comprehensive, usable, cost effective and convenient product authentication mechanisms to reduce trade with illicit products Analysis of structure, mechanisms and extent of illicit market and the supply- and demand- side drivers of trade with counterfeit products Development of a business case framework to assist government and companies (especially SMEs) to calculate the impact of illicit trade on brand name and revenue, the required financial investments and ROI Development of a distributed architecture, enabling enterprises and end-users to efficiently manufacture, deliver and purchase secure and authentic products Topics: Integrated concept for product authentication Generic software infrastructure ERP/ MDM integration RFID (and other) technologies for authentication incl. hardware research (combination with metal, fluids etc.) Bulk/ batch processing Mobile NFC interfaces Real world trials Duration: 1 Nov 2006 - 30 Apr 2009 (30 months)

17 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting17 TraSer: Identity-Based Tracking and Web-Services for SMEs Objectives: Development of an open-source solution platform for ID-based tracking and tracing across company borders Providing background material and pilot case studies especially for SMEs Creation of an open-source community for further advances in the solution platform Supplying actual test beds for research in material management and value chains Topics: State of the art and focal needs in RFID- or AutoID-based technologies Technological backgrounds (e.g., data models) for cross-company T&T Releases of the open-source solution platform Case studies for industry and academia Duration: June 2006 – May 2009

18 February 13 th, 2007 5 th Cluster Meeting18 AITPL: Ambient Intelligence Technologies for the Product Lifecycle Member projects: CATER - CE RFID – CODESNET - E4 - FLUID-WIN - ILIPT - MAPPER - NetWms - P2 - SPIDER-WIN - Traser – V-CES - VERITAS - X-CHANGE Objectives: Improve visibility of member projects and the clusters innovations Identify and facility cooperation among the projects Support the Commissions activities towards new framework programmes and ERA Selected actions: Publication of 2 books with results from the cluster projects Flyer, brochure Regular meetings for information exchange Discussion of specific topics in 3 SIGs (with selected members per topic) Presence at relevant conferences, especially ICE05/06/07 Duration: 2004 - 2008

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