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Welcome to Third Grade Ms. Bong / Mr. Barto Mrs. Knudson / Mrs. Leiran / Mrs. Landry Ms. Boyum / Mrs. McAloon.

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1 Welcome to Third Grade Ms. Bong / Mr. Barto Mrs. Knudson / Mrs. Leiran / Mrs. Landry Ms. Boyum / Mrs. McAloon

2 What is Specialization? Specialization Means Each day children will learn with two third grade teachers who focus on specific curricular areas. –ILA: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Handwriting –Inquiry: Math, Science, Health, AVMR, Social Studies

3 How does Specialization benefit students? The Specialization Program has shown to increase student achievement in grades 4 and 5. Student Interviews

4 Daily Schedule

5 Language Arts Guided Reading Shared Reading Daily 3 –Work on Writing –Read to Someone –Read to Self Writing –Personal Narrative –Essay –Poetry –Informational Report

6 Language Arts Spelling –Patterns –Tests on Friday –Weekly Homework Handwriting –Cursive is introduced

7 Math Routines Small and Whole Group Instruction Mental Math and Reflexes Math Message Math Boxes Games: Math Notebook Home Links Fact Triangles

8 Math Materials Everyday Mathematics Materials: SRB –Student Resource Book Student Math Journal Math Notebook Study Link

9 Math Concepts Number and Numeration –Place value, fractions, decimals, comparing and ordering numbers Operations and Computation –Addition and Subtraction facts, Multiplication and Division Facts, Procedures, Estimation Data and Chance –Data collection and analysis, Probability

10 Math Concepts Measurements Length, weight, angles, area and perimeter, volume, capacity, money, temperature and time. Geometry –Lines, angles, Solid Figures, symmetry Patterns, Functions and Algebra –Number sentences, order of operations, patterns and functions

11 AVMR Advantage Math Recovery Small Group Instruction –Targeted Instruction based on specific skills –10 Day Cycle with Exit Criteria –Ongoing Routines/Spiraling Concepts: Math Boxes, Games –30 minute block

12 Social Studies, Science and Health Social Studies Focus Areas: Geography, Change and Diversity, Economics, Government Science Focus Areas: Earth Materials, Rocks and Minerals, Magnetism and Electricity, and Weather Health Focus Areas: Bus Safety, Tobacco and Alcohol Awareness,

13 Computer Skills Keyboarding –6 weeks of direct instruction Word Processing Formatting Tools –Fonts, Clip art, Alignment and Spacing,

14 Report Cards and Grading Trimester 1: Sept. 8 – Dec. 4 Trimester 2: Dec. 7 – Mar. 12 Trimester 3: Mar. 15 – June 10 Not every area will be graded on each report card E,S+,S, P,N grading system E = well above grade level (2 years or more) S+ = above grade level S = grade level P = progressing toward grade level N = needs improvement

15 Homework Policy All homework assignments will be recorded in red ink in homework notebooks. There will be homework every night unless the words “NO HOMEWORK” are written. Homework notebooks must go home every day and must be returned the next school day. The notebook requires a parent/guardian signature or initials. Your signature indicates that you have seen your child’s completed homework assignments.

16 Homework Policy The homeroom teacher checks each notebook at the beginning of each day. If your child’s homework is not completed it will need to be done the next night. Thank you for your help and support in building a sense of responsibility regarding homework. Daily Homework 20 min. of reading 5 min. Home Links 5 min. Spelling Practice

17 Preferred Communication Methods 1.Homework Notebook 2. Email 3.Voicemail

18 School Calendar Highlights Field Trips

19 Conferences

20 Thank you for coming!

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