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Internet TV Glenn Reitmeier, Greg DePriest, Sheau Ng September 9, 2009.

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1 Internet TV Glenn Reitmeier, Greg DePriest, Sheau Ng September 9, 2009

2 2 Internet Connectivity Comes to the TV Internet-enabled Traditional

3 3 Network What Does It Mean? HIGH LEVEL VIEW Opens new communication pathway to receiver one that may be used for independent content delivery (i.e.,VOD) – one that may provide content thats integrated, coordinated, synchronized with linear broadcast clear requirement for new standards Opens receiver to infinite sources of content (legal and illegal) Conversely, opens new markets to content Places territorial control of content under pressure

4 4 Content Integration, Coordination, Synchronization TV needs knowledge of Program, Time Sync, Space Sync MY PORTFOLIO

5 5 NBCU Thinking: Internet-TV STB Assumptions Video & audio continue via traditional paths When you add network connectivity… Need to tunnel for triggers & synchronization BENEFITS viewer measurement personalized data elements ad targeting intelligence interactivity / viewer responses content downloads, coupons, DRM licenses & transactions etc, etc, etc Internet-Connected Smart TV Goals: Enhance todays distribution Expand device maker options

6 6 Making the Future Happen Broadcasters need to act early and quickly Issue is how to exploit hybrid televisions New channel = Threats + Opportunities Hybrid TV Principles Identify holes – What standards? Why? Goal: Interoperable across services Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, Telco Must address device security, content security, and anti-piracy Need forum and process Best to work cooperatively – unified asks Think globally

7 Questions

8 8 A Word About Open Platforms 8 65k iPhone Applications Hardware Operating System App 2 App 1App 3 The torrents start downloading right away and when you arrive at home, the music, movie or software will be done downloading and ready to use. It cant get much easier.

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