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Chemical Safety BT 202 Biotechnology Techniques II.

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1 Chemical Safety BT 202 Biotechnology Techniques II

2 MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets Technical documents provided by chemical manufacturers Describe specific properties of chemicals Mandated by OSHA A copy is to be kept on file for each hazardous chemical used in a laboratory Know where MSDS are located and how to use them

3 Using MSDS Determine PPE requirements for the chemical you are using Learn what specific hazards are associated with the chemical’s use Know how to handle any spills or accidental release of chemicals Determine how to dispose of waste produced associated with using the chemical


5 Chemical Labels All containers of potentially hazardous chemicals must be labeled sufficiently to allow identification by outsiders or new lab personnel Know how to read chemical labels and where to find information Remember many chemicals look the same!


7 Chemical Labeling in the Lab Any chemicals removed from the original containers must be labeled with name and hazard information

8 NFPA Chemical Label Picture taken from

9 Chemical Storage Refer to chemical label and MSDS for storage requirements Do not store chemicals in inappropriate containers Make sure containers are adequately labeled with contents Do not store chemicals under inappropriate conditions or incorrect locations

10 Chemical Storage

11 Working With Chemicals Be aware of chemical reactivity and hazards when selecting vessels for mixing or transport Check MSDS or chemical label for safe working conditions for that chemical (under hood, etc.) Use hazardous chemicals in quantities small enough to be easily handled Never directly inhale or ingest any laboratory chemical

12 Chemical Safety

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