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Traditional Pop Art Project

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1 Traditional Pop Art Project

2 Pop Art Having been inspired by a similar movement based in America in the 1950’s, a group of British artists began to make art that was a response to the modern media world around them. They made art from packaging, advertising, film, magazines, comics and TV. They wanted to question the very meaning of what art is. Andy warhol

3 Pop Art – Andy Warhol

4 Andy Warhol – Marilyn

5 Andy Warhol – Che Guevara

6 Roy Lichtenstein – Pop Art

7 Roy Lichtenstein – Pop Art

8 Peter Blake – Pop Art

9 Peter Blake – Pop Art

10 Peter Max – Pop art

11 Peter Max

12 Dudley Edwards – Pop Art

13 Dudley Edwards – Pop Art

14 Drinks Can Create a drawing of a drinks can onto A3 Paper from direct observation as an outline drawing. Then, use your imagination to paint the can in any colours of your choice. Go Wild and don’t forget the background!

15 Drinks Can Art Examples

16 Packaging Collect about 4 to 6 sweet wrappers or Food Packaging and rip them into small interesting section. Glue these to a page in your sketchbook and draw them. Then paint the collage in your own, inventive and creative colours

17 Packaging Examples

18 Scaling the Pop Art Collage
Draw a box on a piece of tracing paper 10.5cm x 7.5cm Divide this box into squares 2.5cm x 2.5cm Place this grid over an interesting part of your sweet wrapper collage and trace it. 10.5cm wide 7.5cm wide. Each square is 2.5 cm x 2.5cm

19 Scaling the Pop Art Collage
A3 Paper Draw lines on a sheet of A3 paper at 10cm intervals across and vertical to make a grid. This will be the same grid as your first one only bigger. Copy each square from the small grid into the larger grid. Tracing Paper 10.5cm wide Each square is 10cm wide 7.5cm wide Each square is 10cm wide

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