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Year 10 Art and Design Miss C Stockwell.

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1 Year 10 Art and Design Miss C Stockwell

2 Sketchbooks… There are still some sketchbooks available to purchase at £6.00 if you have not yet got yourself one. Stick the sheets provided into your sketchbook at the back. Do not fully stick them down, see example. Please look after your sketchbooks, if you lose them you lose all of your work, and coursework. Your work this year is very important, it will all be marked.

3 What is Art and Design? Everyone has their ideas. They are stimulated by experience, the senses, memories and imagination. In Art and Design you should develop your ideas through investigations that are informed by contextual and other sources, refine ideas through experimenting with materials and techniques and by recording your thoughts, observations and insights to enable you to realise your intentions. They will take on greater depth and meaning as you develop you analytical skills and cultural understanding.

4 How the course works… Coursework – 60% of the marks.
Exam – 40% of the marks. There is no written exam it is all practical but this course is very independent. YOU ONLY GET OUT OF IT WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO PUT IN….

5 Survival Kit… DO NOT LOSE YOUR SKETCHBOOK or ANY of your work!
Make notes and annotations where appropriate This can sometimes help to clarify your ideas and explain them to others. Do plenty of research to help you. Take photographs of ANYTHING that inspires you. Your own research and experiences is more valuable than anything else. Collect object, materials, images, make drawings and sketches to help develop your ideas.

6 Survival Kit… Use your little book to make notes, sketches and jot ideas down when you are out and about. If using other artists work, be sure to acknowledge the origins of any material that is not your own. Be creative – don’t copy someone else’s work, create your own. Art is about expressing yourself and your ideas… show off!! When your book is marked, read the comments, take the advice on board, it is there to help YOU not ME!!! Plan your time carefully – you will need to do some work in your own time and afterschool, make time for this.

7 Remember… The work you produce in your sketchbook, MUST reflect your final piece. You will be given a theme… And before you select a specific starting point, ask yourself… Will my choice keep me interested? Will it make the best of my abilities and strengths? Will it help me to develop my skills and understanding?

8 IDENTITY This is your project for the next 2 ½ terms.
It will allow you to develop your techniques, ideas, thoughts and skills. You will produce TWO final pieces from this project.

9 Generating Ideas Some of your ideas might have come to you already…
So you are going to start by drawing a mind-map to help you feel inspired…

10 Identity Mind-Map This is a visual plan which shows your initial thoughts about your chosen project and the themes you would like to explore.

11 Homework Take photographs of items, things, places that inspire you… print them and bring them in, or print them in school. You will always have homework in art… research, look and make notes and sketches of anything around you that will inspire you and your project.

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