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To Graduation and Beyond! Junior Parent Night Class of 2014.

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1 To Graduation and Beyond! Junior Parent Night Class of 2014

2 Class of 2014 Graduation Requirements 23 Credits to Graduate 4 Credits English 4 Credits Math 4 Credits Science (Biology, Physics/Phys. Sci., and 2 selective Sciences) 3 Credits Social Studies (Am. Govt, World Hist., US Hist., Economics) 3 Credits Foreign Language (4 year college) ** Or Fine Art or Career Technology (2 year college) 4 Credits Electives.5 Health.5 Personal Fitness

3 Ways to Make-Up Classes Regular schedule Summer school Fulton County Virtual School Online through GA Virtual School PLATO Online through schools outside of Fulton County* Private School *STUDENTS MUST RECEIVE PRE-APPROVAL FROM THEIR COUNSELOR AND THEN FINAL APPROVAL FROM DOWNTOWN

4 Class of 2014 Graduation Requirements Pass all 5 sections of the Georgia High School Graduation Test Writing - Fall 2012 (Juniors took this test on October 3 rd ) 4 Content Areas - March 18 th – 22 nd Science Math English/Language Arts Social Studies Up to 4 additional opportunities to pass before May 2014

5 EOCT and GHSGT Students who entered a Fulton County high school in years 2008 -2011, have the option of not having to pass the subject areas of GHSGT (all students must still pass the writing GHSGT). If they pass all sections of GHSGT, they meet that part of the graduation requirements. But if they failed some subjects they have options – instead of passing all of the subjects in GHSGT, they can instead graduate if they pass one of the EOCTs from those particular subjects. It can be an EOCT they had before or one they will take in the future. (Caution: If a student failed GHSGT subject test this March, and has failed EOCTs from that subject, these students should be encouraged to continue taking GHSGT in that subject NOT HOPE that they will pass an EOCT in that subject in future. Example: student failed SS GHSGT, fails US History EOCT also. Student should continue taking SS GHSGT and not wait until he/she takes Economics EOCT to find out if he/she passes it or not – if he/she fails Economics EOCT, it may be too late to then take GHSGT SS test again in time to graduate.

6 Graduation Accolades Magna Cum Laude Overall Numeric Average - 96 or above Honor cord (white) Cum Laude Overall Numeric Average - 88 or above Honor cord (gold) Determined after 1st semester of students senior year

7 Exploring the Different Types of Postsecondary Options Four year Colleges and Universities Many majors offered leading to undergraduate degrees Two year Colleges Offer freshman and sophomore level classes toward an Associate degree and/or transfer to a 4 year college Technical Colleges Certificate, diploma and 2- year degree programs leading directly to employment upon completion of specialized training Special Purpose Schools Focus on specific fields such as the arts or medical specialties

8 College Entrance Exams and Important Standardized Tests PSAT SAT ACT SAT Subject Tests AP exams

9 PSAT – October 17th Why Prepare? Practice for the real thing Become eligible to earn a National Merit Scholarship and other awards Test Facts 2 hours, 10 minutes long Subjects include Critical Reading, Math and Writing Total score between 60-240, 20-80 per subject -1/4 point wrong answer penalty (except for student- produced response questions) No registration required. All 9 th, 10 th and 11 th graders take the PSAT.

10 SAT Why Prepare? Gain admission to college Earn scholarship money Test Facts 3 hours, 45 minutes long Subjects include Critical Reading, Math and Writing Total score between 600-2400, 200-800 per subject -1/4 point wrong answer penalty (except for student- produced response questions) You have the option to decide which total score is sent Administered 7 times throughout the school year Register at:

11 ACT Why Prepare? Gain admission to college Earn scholarship money Test Facts 3 hours, 25 minutes long Subjects include English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing (optional) Composite score between 1-36 (based on average of scores from 4 subjects) No wrong answer penalty You decide which composite score is sent to colleges Administered 6 times throughout the school year Register at:

12 SAT vs. ACT Compare the differences and see which one is right for you!* The ACT is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned in school. The SAT is more of an aptitude test, testing reasoning and verbal abilities. The ACT includes a science reasoning test; the SAT does not. The ACT math section includes trigonometry. The SAT tests vocabulary much more than the ACT. The SAT is not entirely multiple choice. The SAT has a guessing penalty; the ACT does not. *While the SAT and ACT are very different tests, they both fulfill the same role in the admissions process.

13 SAT Subject Test Why Prepare? Gain admission to college Demonstrate Academic Achievement Test Facts 1 hour long Offered in over 20 different subject areas Total score between 200-800 Scoring above a 600 is considered an impressive score Administered each time the SAT is offered (except in March) Register at:

14 AP Why Prepare? Earn college credit and advanced placement Stand out in admissions process Test Facts Tests vary in length Offered in over 30 different subject areas Scoring is on a 5-point scale Scoring a 3 or above could earn college credit Administered each year during the first two weeks of May No registration required. Must be enrolled in the AP course at AHS

15 AHS Class of 2012 Statistics COLLEGE AVERAGE C.N.A. AVERAGE SAT (3 sections, max score 2400) AVERAGE ACT (all sections taken, max score 36) AVERAGE # HONORS COURSES AVERAGE # AP COURSES HOPE GPA UGA 94.2 1941 30 8 7 3.57 GA PERIMETER 83.4 1460 24 1 1 2.74 GEORGIA STATE 88.7 1711 25 5 2 2.72 GA TECH 95.6 2040 32 9 8 3.66 GA SOUTHERN 85.3 1595 24 2 2 2.9 KENNESAW 85.7 1607 23 2 2 2.93 AUBURN 90.31 1751 27 6 5 3.28 GA COL & STATE 89 1758 26 4 4 3.17 UN OF ALABAMA 89.3 1716 26 4 4 3.23

16 Importance of Academic Rigor Admissions Decision Cumulative Numeric Average SAT# of Honors Courses # of AP Courses UGA Student ADENIED 87.733 180033 Student BACCEPTED 87.698 166075 Georgia Tech Student ADENIED91.409192085 Student BACCEPTED91.1361830106

17 HOPE Programs Hope Scholarship 3.0 Core GPA (Math, English, Science, SS and Foreign Lang.) 4.0 Conversion scale (A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0 F=0) Middle school courses not counted 7pts removed from honors, AP and college level courses Additional.5 granted for all AP and IB courses only Not calculated until senior year (Prelim. in Feb, Final in May) HOPE GPA not listed on the transcript Calculation done by GA Student Finance Commission Hope Grant Used for Technical Schools Tuition, fees, & $300 book allowance No GPA requirement *We will offer a Financial Aid/HOPE presentation on December 5 th at 7:00 p.m. in the AHS auditorium

18 HOPE Programs (contd) Zell Miller Scholarship Zell Miller Scholarship Eligibility Requirements: 3.7 Core GPA (Math, English, Science, SS and Foreign Lang.) Score 1200 on Math & Critical Reading of the SAT in one sitting or score a 26 composite score on the ACT OR Graduate as the Valedictorian or Salutatorian from H.S. If awarded: Covers full standard-rate tuition at a public college or university Covers $4,000 per academic year at a private college or university For additional information on HOPE, please visit *We will offer a Financial Aid/HOPE presentation on December 5 th at 7:00 p.m. in the AHS auditorium

19 NCAA Clearinghouse Juniors who intend to play division 1 and division 2 college level sports should register this year with the NCAA The website is There is a link for prospective student athletes – with frequently asked questions Review the Eligibility Standards Registration fee is $60.00 SAT/ACT scores must be sent directly to the clearinghouse – the code is 9999 Submit a transcript request form to Mrs. Edmiston in Counseling Suite 1310

20 Junior Timeline PSAT– National Merit Qualifications October 17 th Junior Classroom Guidance – October 22 nd – 26 th 15 Minute One-on-Ones – October – December Sign up for SAT / ACT Prep Classes – December Pre-Registration for Senior Year – January/February Take 1 st SAT or ACT - Spring Initial College List - Spring College Visits - Spring Break & Summer Final College List - Summer Start College Applications – Early Fall (Senior Year) Submit Applications - Fall & Winter (Senior Year) Research & Apply to Scholarships - Winter & Spring (Senior Year)

21 Junior Classroom Guidance October 22 nd – 26 th During U.S. History Classes Discuss post secondary options Help students learn how to create a priority list Discuss the importance of a competitive senior class schedule Introduce resources including college handbooks, college websites, college fairs Instruct students how to diversify college selection process Discuss college entrance exams (SAT vs. ACT, When to take, How Many times) Go over timeline to graduation

22 Junior Advisement Individual Meeting Graduation Status Report Credits (23 needed) GHSGT ( must pass all 5 parts or the EOCT ) Courses required ( specified by GA Dept of Ed ) Check transcript for accurate credits and SSN# Senior Schedule Courses needed for Graduation Recommended: 4 academic classes Individual Questions from Classroom Guidance After having time to process information


24 Counseling Department At AHS Dee Webb A – COL Keisha Iton COM– HINC Lexi Nguyen HIND - MEA Susan Chamberlin MEB - R Karen Bolt S - Z Maggie Edmiston Records Clerk Contact Information: Office 770-521-7651 Fax 770-521-7650 ** Your students Guidance Counselor is available, by appointment, to discuss everything mentioned this evening as well as to answer any other questions and concerns you may have.

25 College and Career Cove The College and Career Cove is where parents and students can find : Resource books, CDs, applications, scholarship information SAT/ACT Testing information and study guides Post-secondary timelines and guides Hardcopies of Scholarship Applications Students can access before school, after school and during their lunch period Located outside Counseling Suite 1310

26 Helpful Websites AHS Homepage Helpful College and Career websites:

27 Thank You for Coming!

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