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Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Great Artist of the 20 th Century.

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1 Pablo Picasso Great Artist of the 20 th Century

2 Picasso was born in Malagia, Spain in 1881 G

3 Picassos father was an art teacher at a local school. He encouraged his son, Pablo, to paint and draw.

4 Picassos style Picassos painting style changed over the periods of his life more that any other artist. He was always trying new things.

5 Sometimes Picasso would paint things that looked flat

6 Sometimes he would paint things that looked so round that you thought you could pick them up right from the page!


8 Picassos paintings changed drastically after his best friend died. Picasso felt alone and sad. He began painting with a lot of blue colors depicting his mood


10 Picassos Blue Period ended when he met a girl named Fernande.

11 Cubism was the next style of painting that Picasso developed and made famous. This painting is called Man with a Guitar. The man and his guitar are broken into little cubes. Thats where the name Cubism came from. Look closely, what can you find in this picture?

12 Reservoir

13 Do you like this style of art? Why or why not?

14 Cubism is one of the most important periods in the history of modern art. This was one of the first times that artists created art that didnt look exactly like things look in real life.

15 Picasso kept working with Cubism, allowing it to change over the years.



18 Picasso also did ceramic pieces - usually plates, bowls and pitchers



21 Guernica In 1937 something happened that made Picasso paint his most powerful and serious painting. During a civil war in Spain, the small town of Guernica was destroyed by bombs. Picasso became very angry and used his talent as a painter to show the world the wrongness of war.

22 Guernica

23 Picasso also did some public artwork such as this mural.


25 The thing that made Picasso such a great artist was his originality.

26 Pablo Picasso Picasso lived to be 92 years old. His art still lives today.

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