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CHALLENGES TO NEOLIBERALISM A. Erinç Yeldan Bilkent University, Ankara.

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1 CHALLENGES TO NEOLIBERALISM A. Erinç Yeldan Bilkent University, Ankara

2 The real cause of the current global crisis lies not on toxic assets, but on toxic economic texts and toxic economics

3 The whole episode occurred under fanatical de-regulation blessed by mainstream economic theory. Rational expectations / busines cycle theories under perfectly competitive markets, with nice and smooth, convex technologies, perfect foresight and full information sets provided the ideological foundation of the theater on show since about the early 1980s.

4 Financialization always necessitates bubbles. in the early 1990s; land estate prices late 1990s; Current financial bubble was driven by household debt and private credit. not explicable by models of the representative agent, in a perfect foresight world with full information set, optimizing on its consumption path over her life cycle

5 The idea of equilibrium: The Savings – Investment Balance

6 Subject to: PC + a t =wL + ra t-1

7 Q=f(K,L) The producer maximizes profits (the difference between revenues PQ and costs of labour and capital, wL ve rK). Thus, for producers the problem is to: Max Pf(K,L) – wL - rK

8 a =?= K


10 Microfoundations story where investment is passive and savings-driven is far from reality. Mathematical elegance of the Hamiltonian arithmetics of pleasure fails to model realities of the economic phenomena. Asset manias and bubbles are more than a possibility (Kindleberger)

11 steady state convergence towards a harmonious long run equilibrium is not observed and remains a fantasy


13 Source: Wolff and Resnick, 2006, Advances in Marxist Theory



16 Source: Anwar Shaikh, Socialist Register, Fall 2010

17 Lessons, lessons for a good listener

18 not only the domestic, but also the global economy is in need of management and regulation the business cycle is driven by shifts in the savings investment balance both the current level of economic activity and growth are driven from demand side with endogenous labor productivity growth (Kaldor)

19 policy recommendations based on static comparative advantage calculations are misleading and bad advice development warrants not doing more of the same thing more intensively, but diversification into producing things up in the ladder of industrialization (Rodrik, Ha Joon-Chang)

20 Exchange rate might be in spot market equilibrium but may suffer from structural misalignment (Edwards) even under flexible exchange rate regimes, the exchange rate may become misaligned, if its actual value exhibits a sustained departure from that rate which is compatible with the internal and external equilibrium.

21 over-obsession with fiscal sustainability while neglecting balance of payments sustainability is a dangerous game

22 In fact, …the source of macroeconomic instability now is not instability in product markets but asset markets, and the main challenge for policy makers is not inflation, but unemployment and financial instability. Akyüz (2006)

23 the argument that this time things are different is a statement that can only be made by fools that fail to take any lessons from history... Kenneth Rogoff, IMF Chief Economist, 2005

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