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Dont Touch My Data! Ensuring Professional Buy-In for CRM Success Rick Klau Interface Software Peter Lamb Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.

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1 Dont Touch My Data! Ensuring Professional Buy-In for CRM Success Rick Klau Interface Software Peter Lamb Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

2 Ensuring CRM Success CRM: Whats the Objective? Defining CRM Success –Overview of CRM Industry –Defining success and failure in legal profession Ensuring Success: Oslers Story –Keys to Strong Foundation –Ensuring Professional Buy-In –Leveraging Investment Key Obstacles to Success Resources for Help

3 1996-2000 2002- Contact Management Streamline communications via electronically stored contact information Marketing Enhance contact information and marketing functionality for departmental use CRM Centralize Relationship Information for firm-wide use Relationship Intelligence Aggregate internal competitive intelligence and deliver it to professionals on their platform of choice Value 1990-1995 Defining CRM

4 CRM Myths & Realities MythReality CRM is a productCRM is a strategy CRM is a marketing solutionCRM is a firm wide business development solution CRM does not need executive-level commitment Involvement CRM requires executive-level commitment Professionals will contributeProfessionals will only contribute if they see the benefit Deployment is easyDeployment is not easy, it is a an ongoing process CRM must be implemented firm-wide to get any benefit CRM provides exponential benefits at a firm-wide level, and is best phased in over time

5 CRM Objectives Increase Revenue –Identify new business opportunities –Reduce lost opportunities –Decrease client defections Foster Client Loyalty –Improve client service –Enhance firm image Reduce Costs –Preserve institutional knowledge –Reduce intellectual re-work

6 Failure? 44 percent of pharmaceutical CRM projects either fail to meet implementation timescales or result in total project failure, a trend that is set to continue. META GROUP REPORTS that a staggering 55 percent to 75 percent of all CRM projects fail to meet their objectives. A recent Merrill Lynch survey of CIOs at large companies found that 45 percent of those surveyed were not satisfied with CRM installations. According to research conducted by Gartner, the failure rate for some types of CRM projects currently stands at 65 percent – and this is predicted to rise to more than 80 percent by mid-2003. Giga Information Group, meanwhile, believes that historic CRM failure rates of 60 to 70 percent will continue for 12 to 18 months.

7 Success or Failure? Reports of CRM Failures Have Been Greatly Exaggerated Success is a long-term objective –Defining success requires agreement on the goals –Technology can serve the strategy, not vice versa Measuring ROI is possible! –But understand the limits

8 Not a Failure… On average, about 70 percent of all IT-related projects fail to meet their objectives, so CRM's failure rate -- is about as distressing as a 70-percent failure rate for a hitter in baseball. … Any manager in baseball would be thrilled to have a team batting average of.300, and if CRM and SCM projects are succeeding as well or better than traditional IT projects, it is remarkable. Why? CRM and SCM aren't like traditional IT projects. They're the next stage in an ongoing shift in the role of IT -- from solution to enabler. Bob Lewis, InfoWorld, 10/29/01

9 Ensuring Success: Oslers Story Keys to Strong Foundation –Understand the business goals and objectives –Clear connection to firms business strategy –If you dont have your marketing or business development group own it, you will not be effective –In a large firm, it WILL require a dedicated individual

10 Ensuring Success: Oslers Story Ensuring Professional Buy-In –Integrate, Integrate, Integrate –Pay homage to the thirty second rule –Culture is critical – be realistic about yours, a CRM implementation is not going to change your culture, it can only mirror it –Populate the database BEFORE you present it for general use –Clean and qualified data is critical

11 Ensuring Success: Oslers Story Leveraging Investment –Integrate, Integrate, Integrate Accounting Systems HRIS Systems –Demonstrate value at every opportunity –Allow clients direct access to their own records

12 Key Obstacles to Success Firm Culture –How does the firm compensate professionals for business generation? –How does the firm measure/track client-related expenses? –How does the firm track business development efforts? Management Commitment –Has Senior Management communicated commitment to the rest of the firm? Processes –Has the firm built processes that ensure professional participation and deliver value?

13 Resources That Can Help Use Your Vendor –Make us educate your firm –Ask for evidence of successes to communicate internally Case studies, references Articles in the press Use Your Peers –LawNet SIG, Listserv Find Internal Champions –They will help evangelize to others

14 Thank You!

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