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Catherine Werst November 5, 2009 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 354260 Collaborate with Social Bookmarking.

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1 Catherine Werst November 5, 2009 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 354260 Collaborate with Social Bookmarking

2 Maximize your CCC Confer window. Mute your phone (*6) if you have visitors or noise in your office. Please note phone audio may be in presenter-only mode. Ask questions over the phone when the presenter prompts. Ask questions throughout presentation via the chat window. Housekeeping

3 Adjusting your computer audio 1)To listen on your computer, adjust your speaker volume 2)If youre using a phone, click on phone headset. 3)To speak youll need a microphone or USB headset. a) First, run the audio wizard Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard. b) Second, press on the mic icon when its available (release when finished speaking)

4 Saving Files & Open/close Captions 1.Save chat window with floppy disc icon 2.Open/close captioning window with CC icon

5 Emoticons and Polling 1.Raise hand and Emoticons 2.Polling options

6 Collaborating with Social Bookmarks Sharing the wealth…

7 Why Do We Bookmark? Return to a resource later Identify best resources Share resources with others Group like sites for research Quick access to frequently used sites Laser-etched Celtic clip

8 Old Method Computer-specific location Browser-specific location Binary nature leads to duplications Folders, unfiled Email breaks URLs Annotation requires plug-in or additional scripting Hard to determine relevance Print your favorite book character on a transparency

9 Filing nightmare… Internet Explorer Chrome Safari Firefox

10 Bookmarks in the Cloud Web-based (access anywhere!) Tags (not folders) as identifiers Multiple sort methods Share across social network or email with minimal effort Easy annotation & notes Ranking and popularity tools Bleeding Edge Liquid bookmarks by Kyouei Design

11 Popular & Useful Bookmarking Sites Delicious Diigo Heurist Stumbleupon Digg For those of us over 40…



14 How do we get from here to there? Create a free account Export your bookmarks from each browser and each computer Import your bookmarks into Plan on spending some time removing duplicates, tagging Bookmarks are imported as uncategorized so you know what to work on Your favorite color paint samples

15 Exporting Bookmarks Each browser has a method for exporting bookmarks. The delicious web site has instructions for each browser.

16 Exporting Bookmarks Your bookmarks are exported to an html document in transition.

17 Importing Bookmarks Your bookmarks are imported from the html file into your account. Do this for each browsers set of bookmarks. (I had 900 URLs from 5 computers and 12 browsers.)

18 Private VS Public Bookmarks are imported as private, so only you can see them at first. You may choose to make them public if you like. Here is an example of a private view, and the same list as the public sees it.

19 Networks Private collaboration between colleagues or classrooms. Filters by collection owners – social groups with common interests. May expose ideas to a greater audience.

20 Instructional Ideas Create a network within your discipline Tag resources for classes with unique tags (course numbers, etc.) Use separate accounts for classes Tag case studies with unique tags Students can contribute to a class resource list via networks

21 Tagging Crowdsourcing of terminology Common or unique tags Search and sort by tags Folksonomy: Non-hierarchical ontology that is created as a natural result of user-added metadata or tagging. – Thomas Vander Wal Tag Cloud

22 Turkey: bird country cartoon humor food flag slang craft

23 Tagging education e-learning cms college California collaboration moodle profdev

24 Best Practices Update a few links at a time At least consider popular tags Check the title text Use the notes section Tag completely Start or join a network Check out popular & new stuff and keep your bookmarks fresh Time to read

25 Other Bookmarking Sites (Not Quite as Delicious)

26 Diigo





31 Other Ways to Have Fun with Bookmarks

32 Comparative Bookmarking


34 Visual Bookmarking -

35 Inspiration & Humor Break

36 Sometimes a bookmark is just a bookmark. Resources for this Presentation

37 Catherine Werst Q&A

38 Evaluation Survey Link Help us improve our seminars by filing out a short online evaluation survey at:

39 Thanks for Attending For upcoming desktop seminars and links to recently archived seminars, check the @ONE Web site at:

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