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Donna Eyestone 4/21/2010 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 8691662 The Power of iLife.

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1 Donna Eyestone 4/21/2010 For audio call Toll Free and use PIN/code The Power of iLife

2 Maximize your CCC Confer window. Phone audio will be in presenter-only mode. Ask questions and make comments using the chat window. Housekeeping

3 Adjusting Audio 1)If youre listening on your computer, adjust your volume using the speaker slider. 2)If youre listening over the phone, click on phone headset. Do not listen on both computer and phone.

4 Saving Files & Open/close Captions 1.Save chat window with floppy disc icon 2.Open/close captioning window with CC icon

5 Emoticons and Polling 1)Raise hand and Emoticons 2)Polling options

6 Donna Eyestone The Power of iLife

7 What is iLife? iMovie iDVD iTunes iPhoto GarageBand iWeb

8 iPhoto Import photos from camera Simple edits or use Photoshop Easily organize Faces Albums Keywords Share to other apps or Facebook, Flickr

9 iTunes Import or purchase Subscribe to Podcasts Organize Music Movies Podcasts Share with other Apps

10 iMovie Movies that arent a production! Organize and edit clips Use pictures in your movie Add titles, transitions, effects You video podcast is a Share away

11 iDVD Even mere mortals can make stunning DVDs Easily accepts your iMovie projects, iTunes Music, and photos from iPhoto Perfect way to archive your projects or share with students

12 GarageBand Awesome built-in loops Easy to use jingles Create a slideshow with an index (enhanced podcast) See all your iPhoto images and iTunes music right in your project Add music to your iMovie Projects

13 iWeb A website without bother Use beautiful templates and skip the coding Hook your audio or video podcast to a supplemental blog or webpage

14 Media Browser The thread between the iLife apps is the Media Browser. But, you can still include media stored anywhere on your hard drive. Start your experiments this summer and youll find youve got media to use in your Fall classes.

15 Not included with iLife, but work in concert with all the iLife apps Access files through the Media Browser 15

16 Resources iLife Tutorials: iWeb Tutorials

17 Donna Eyestone Q&A

18 Evaluation Survey Link Help us improve our seminars by filing out a short online evaluation survey at:

19 Engaging every online student in lean and green times. June 16, 17, & 18 - San Diego City College Register now at Join us in San Diego at the 2010 Online Teaching Conference

20 For upcoming events and links to recently archived seminars, check Web site at: The Power of iLife Thanks for attending

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