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Alex Kissal and Matt Lord February 22, 2010 For audio call Toll Free 1 - 888-886-3951 and use PIN/code 294084 Blackboard Managed Hosting Overview.

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1 Alex Kissal and Matt Lord February 22, 2010 For audio call Toll Free and use PIN/code Blackboard Managed Hosting Overview

2 Maximize your CCC Confer window. Phone audio will be in presenter-only mode. Ask questions and make comments using the chat window. Housekeeping

3 Adjusting Audio 1)If youre listening on your computer, adjust your volume using the speaker slider. 2)If youre listening over the phone, click on phone headset. Do not listen on both computer and phone.

4 Saving Files & Open/close Captions 1.Save chat window with floppy disc icon 2.Open/close captioning window with CC icon

5 Emoticons and Polling 1)Raise hand and Emoticons 2)Polling options

6 Alex Kissal and Matt Lord Blackboard Managed Hosting Overview

7 34 Schools 1,200 FTE to 40,000 FTE Schools 2003 to December ,000 CA Community College Users Growth in every installation Much more time to focus on Teaching and Learning

8 8 Do you need to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan Would you like to upgrade to version 9 in a way that wont impact teaching and learning Are your students unable to access their courses during critical times and the system is sometimes unreliable? Are you struggling to attract and retain technical expertise, and/or are your IT resources just spread too thin? Is your IT staff spending too much time maintaining the Blackboard application? Are the unexpected costs of supporting a growing environment eating away at your budget and the ability to scale unachievable Common Challenges, Opportunities and Reasons for Blackboard Managed Hosting

9 Offering Services Since Customers from All Market Sectors 185+ Bb Hosting Team Members Located in 4 Continents Five Tier-4 Datacenters Managing 2 PB of Enterprise Storage 7+ Million Total Active Blackboard Users Blackboard Domestic Network Operation Center (VA3NOC)

10 Managed Hosting Infrastructure located in Tier-4 Datacenters at the heart of the Internet Multiple ISP connections to various Tier-1 ISPs for redundant access to Internet & aggregate 24 Gbps capacity True A-side / B-side Network Design Redundant Routers, Firewalls, Load Balancers, Switches & Servers Multiple levels of Power backups

11 Institutions realize significant savings each year by hosting with Blackboard Managed Hosting Fixed Budget Control with simplified costs, reduces the unexpected annual costs Hardware –Refresh, Failure, Backups, Usage increases, Storage Personnel –Turnover, Training, Oncall, Emergency Maintenance, & Upgrades

12 FACT: Numbers of Online Users and/or Depth of Users Increasing Additional Hardware Considerations Servers (App Nodes / Load Balancing) Backup HW in case of failure New Technologies Virtualization Bandwidth and Storage needs Dramatically increasing Bb is probably your #1 Enterprise Application ( ) Certainly your most heavy used These have real costs but are very hard to predict with ever growing usage patterns On-Demand Model; BbMH Does Not Cap Usage Additional Server Capacity Added Pro-actively as Needs Grow Storage Bandwidth

13 Turnkey - One Stop Shop for Software & Infrastructure Support True 7x24 Follow-the-Sun Operations & Support –185+ individuals across 4 continents –Proactive monitoring and maintenance –Keep up to date on latest releases and fixes All Upgrades applied by MH Operations Engineers Nights / Weekends / Holidays – 365 days 1,200+ upgrades in 2009 w/ 98% success rate Expertise of Bb Managed Hosting –Support Technicians, Operation Engineers, Certified Oracle DBA group, Infrastructure & Security Teams Linux / Oracle All trained on Bb Software Experience troubleshooting all Bb Versions

14 Annual Back to School Project Begins April 2010 Audit DB/OS Review customer base for added resources Identify growth patterns Client Dashboard and Insight Enhancements 9.1 Readiness in Full Swing 12 Managed Hosting Beta Clients Performance engineering and testing Upgrade testing and QA Additional application and database monitoring


16 99.9% Uptime SLA Guarantee Available for Qualified Clients Subject to Terms, including: Minimum of Platinum Package Service or Higher Blackboard 9.1 version and higher Standard compliance with Blackboard Building Blocks policy Custom integrations completed by Blackboard Consulting with Integration & Customization Maintenance (ICM) Must be within contractual usage limits Managed Hosting Increased SLA Service

17 Matt Lord Alex Kissal Q&A

18 Evaluation Survey Link Help us improve our seminars by filing out a short online evaluation survey at:

19 Thanks for attending For upcoming events and links to recently archived seminars, check Web site at: Blackboard Managed Hosting Overview

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