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Stems/Spelling Week 8.

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1 Stems/Spelling Week 8

2 plasto Meaning: molded Example: plaster
Sentence: My dad used plaster in order to fix the molding around the door.

3 il Meaning: not Example: illegal
Sentence: Illegal drugs are not allowed in the United States.

4 fort Meaning: strong Example: fortify
Sentence: Many cereals claim that they fortify bones to make them stronger.

5 culp Meaning: blame Example: culprit
Sentence: The boy blamed the culprit as the one who actually stole the candy.

6 pac Meaning: peace Example: pacifist
Sentence: A pacifist does not believe in fighting; he would rather everyone be peaceful instead.

7 numer Meaning: number Example: numeral
Sentence: III is the numeral for the number three.

8 zo Meaning: animal Example: zoology
Sentence: In zoology class, you will study the life of animals.

9 dia Meaning: across Example: diagonal
Sentence: My best friend lives diagonal from me across the street.

10 spir Meaning: breath Example: respiration
Sentence: Humans rely on the use of respiration to stay alive by breathing.

11 acro Meaning: high Example: acrobat
Sentence: An acrobat flies high through the air.

12 ecto Meaning: outer Example: ectoderm
Sentence: A snail’s ectoderm protects it from the outer harsh weather.

13 brev Meaning: short Example: abbreviation
Sentence: An abbreviation allows for a long word to be shortened.

14 derm Meaning: skin Example: epidermis
Sentence: The epidermis is a layer of your skin that helps protect against the sun.

15 necro Meaning: death Example: necrophobia
Sentence: She has necrophobia, and is afraid of death.

16 cule Meaning: small Example: molecule
Sentence: A molecule is so small that it can only be seen under a microscope.

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