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Copyright © 2009 Verizon Foundation. All Rights Reserved. This document may be reproduced and distributed solely for uses that are both (a) educational.

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1 Copyright © 2009 Verizon Foundation. All Rights Reserved. This document may be reproduced and distributed solely for uses that are both (a) educational and (b) non-commercial. Any reproduction or distribution of this document for any other purpose, including commercial gain, is strictly prohibited. Verizon Thinkfinity Free Educational Resources Magali Meza Outreach Specialist ICOE

2 2 Network connectivity, Internet services, Teaching and learning application coordination, and Videoconferencing coordination and support The California K-12 High Speed Network (K12HSN) is a program funded by the California Department of Education and administered by the Imperial County Office of Education. K12HSN provides Californias K-12 public schools with: What is K12HSN?

3 3 The Web site ( contains thousands of free lesson plans and student materials for every core subject, designed by the leading educational organizations in the United Tens of thousands of FREE educational resources Access and use resources from school or home! No subscription/ No membership fee/No account A partnership between the Verizon Foundation and the nations leading educational organizations FREE professional development What is Thinkfinity?

4 4 Verizon Foundations Core Initiatives Promoting 21 st Century Skills Demonstrating a Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

5 5 Thinkfinity Content Partners

6 6 What Does Thinkfinity Provide? Data Sheets Interactives E-Sheets Podcasts Printable Maps Primary Source Documents Parent ToolsE-newsletters Virtual Museums Lesson Plans Video Clips Multimedia Explorations Interactive Calendars

7 7 Verizon Thinkfinity Search Engine volcanoes

8 8

9 9

10 10 Hyperlinked Title Grade Level Range Description Resource Type Content Partner Standards Alignment More Information Verizon Thinkfinity Search Engine

11 11 Verizon Thinkfinity Search Engine

12 12 Verizon Thinkfinity Search Engine

13 13 Verizon Thinkfinity Search Engine

14 14 Verizon Thinkfinity Search Engine

15 15 Verizon Thinkfinity Search Engine Search Common Core Standards

16 16 promoting discovery learning, student-based learning, and collaborative learning increasing student engagement making content relevant by providing primary sources (documents, images, objects) providing additional content not available through text books or other curricular materials providing opportunities for students to practice skills independently providing opportunities for teachers and students to interact with technology, while focusing on content Thinkfinity resources can enrich a lesson by:

17 17 21 st Century Themes Global Awareness Financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy Civic literacy Health literacy Core Subjects English Reading or language arts World languages Arts Mathematics Economics Science Geography History Government and civics Learning & Innovation skills Creativity and Innovation Skills Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Communication and Collaboration Skills Thinkfinity Weaves it Together

18 18 Voted Best Site to download Free Lessons & Materials two years in a row! What Do Others Say About Thinkfinity?

19 19 º Access and use resources at school or at home º No subscription/ membership fees Thinkfinity Homepage

20 20 How Do You Find Resources on Thinkfinity?

21 21 How Do You Find Resources on Thinkfinity?

22 22 Verizon Thinkfinity Calendar How Do You Find Resources on Thinkfinity?

23 23 Tabs: 21st Century Skills Helps teachers weave key skills into core subject matter: Creativity and innovation Communication and collaboration Research Critical thinking Problem solving Decision making How Do You Find Resources on Thinkfinity?

24 24 The Thinkfinity Community Find popular resources Save favorites Start or join discussions Locate or create documents Follow a community or group from the list that interests you. Search for other members.

25 25 Take advantage of the Thinkfinity Newsletter The Verizon Foundation and its Content Partners are publishing a monthly newsletter : Featured resources Tried-and-true favorites Special features And more… How Do You Find Resources on Thinkfinity?

26 26 Is Bigger better? 20 million +# invention resources352 MostlyFree?Yes Maybe, probably notCreated by Experts? / cross disciplinary? Yes DoubtfulStandards Based?Yes If youre luckyCommercial Free?Yes Who knowsAudience Appropriate?Yes No wayGrade level specific?Yes Dream onComes with FREE training?Yes vs.

27 27 Individual Partner Sites How Do You Find Resources on Thinkfinity?

28 28 º Webinars (FREE) º On-Demand Videos (FREE) º Literacy Trainings (FREE) º Instructional How-to Videos (FREE) º Teachers can also become Verizon Thinkfinity Trainers Additional Training Opportunities

29 29 Planet size comparison: Calculation Nation: Price of Freedom: Body Systems and Organs: Beethoven: mr-big.aspx Comic Creator: creator-a-30237.html WOW!! Resources

30 30 Mission US - Interactive educational game: Shape it Up!: Bullying: Thinkfinity Education Speaker Series: Feature Archives: A very convenient way to see which collections have been featured WOW!! Resources

31 31 Captivate Students with Verizon Thinkfinity Reaching 21st Century Students with Verizon Thinkfinity School Administrators: Leading with Verizon Thinkfinity Think Possibilities – Verizon Thinkfinitys FREE Online Tools Reaching English Language Learners with Thinkfinity Learn more about Verizon Thinkfinity! Save the Date! Free WEBINARS delivered by the National Verizon Thinkfinity PD Team Register for these Free Thinkfinity Trainings at:

32 32 A Tour of Thinkfinity, A Tour of the Community A Tour of ARTSEDGE, A Tour of EDSITEment Think Possibilities –Thinkfinitys FREE Online Tools Reaching 21 st Century Students with Thinkfinity Civil War Stories Learn more about Verizon Thinkfinity! On-Demand! Free ON-DEMAND VIDEOS/RECORDED WEBINARS Access these great videos at:

33 33 º November 4, 2011 – SDCOE º December 2, 2011 – Butte County Office of Education º More sessions coming soon at http://thinkfinity.k12hsn.org Become a Verizon Thinkfinity Trainer! Save the Date! Face-to-Face Train-the-Trainer Sessions (6 hours) Online Course (2 weeks/10 hours, 1 graduate credit available) º Delivered via Blackboard November 16, 2011 – Register by November 15, 2011 º Additional sessions starting every two weeks… Additional dates and registration information available at:

34 34 Thank you for your time! If you have any questions, please contact: Magali Meza

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