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Copyright © 2011 Verizon Foundation. All Rights Reserved. This document may be reproduced and distributed solely for uses that are both (a) educational.

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1 Copyright © 2011 Verizon Foundation. All Rights Reserved. This document may be reproduced and distributed solely for uses that are both (a) educational and (b) non-commercial. Any reproduction or distribution of this document for any other purpose, including commercial gain, is strictly prohibited. Internet Safety and Cyber-Bullying Prevention through Thinkfinity Mark A. DeBenedictis Bergen County ETTC NJEA Convention 2011

2 2 The website ( contains thousands of free lesson plans and student materials for every core subject, designed by the leading educational organizations in the United Tens of thousands of FREE educational resources Accessible from school or home! A partnership between the Verizon Foundation and the nations leading educational organizations FREE professional development What is Verizon Thinkfinity?

3 3 Verizon Thinkfinity is affiliated with these organizations: ISTE 100 Alliance Partnership for 21 st Century Skills State Educational Technology Directors Association National Education Association Council of Chief State School Officers What is Verizon Thinkfinity?

4 4 Thinkfinity Content Partners

5 5 Why does the Verizon Foundation invest in Internet Safety? The Verizon Foundation invests in initiatives that empower the safe and effective use of technology. We are actively supporting nonprofit programs that increase awareness and provide education for parents, children and seniors on how to have secure and enjoyable experiences online. We are teaching parents, children and educators to implement responsible safety measures on the Internet and cell phones. Verizon Thinkfinity Webwise kids We are helping people explore the limitless possibilities of the digital world safely and securely. Enough is Enoughs Internet Safety 101 SM PBS Frontline We are supporting law enforcement officers in their efforts to protect citizens security and promote online safety. Safety Net, developed and presented by the National Network to End Domestic Violence The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department established the Awareness is Power Internet Safety program

6 6 Why is this issue so important? 63 percent of teens go online daily 34 percent of American teens have played a computer or console game at school as part of an assignment 93 percent of teens 12-17 go online, as do 93 percent of young adults 18-29 62 percent of teens get news about current events and politics online 74 percent of adults 18 and older go online According to Pew Research Center:

7 7 Internet Safety

8 8 Prevention and Education

9 9 Bullying Cyber-Bullying

10 10 Web Wise Kids I-SAFE

11 11 How to find Thinkfinity Resources Type what youre searching for in the What are you looking for box and press GO Ex. Cyberbullying – Internet Safety Thinkfinity Website Click Visit our Community at the top of the home page Join the Thinkfinity Community. Organize, share and connect with other members Thinkfinity Community

12 12

13 13

14 14

15 15 Online Safety Resources Common Sense Media I-SAFE

16 16 Online Safety Resources Naming in a Digital World: Creating a Safe Persona on the InternetNaming in a Digital World: Creating a Safe Persona on the Internet (Lesson Plan) Developed by ReadWriteThink Naming takes on new meanings in digital settings. As students build personas through e-mail addresses, screen names, and online profiles, they can be unaware of the ways that others may use the aliases, names, and other information that they choose and share. In this lesson from ReadWriteThink, students explore naming conventions in digital and non-digital settings. Then they choose and explain names and profiles to represent themselves online.

17 17 Online Safety Resources Creating a Safe Online ProfileCreating a Safe Online Profile (Activity) Developed by ReadWriteThink In this activity from ReadWriteThink, teenagers explore online names by looking at sample e-mail addresses to determine what they can tell about the person who uses the account. After this exploration, teens choose a screen name or e-mail address for themselves, as well as decide on personal details to include on a safe, online profile.

18 18 Online Safety Resources Addressing Issues of Internet SafetyAddressing Issues of Internet Safety (Reference Material) Reviewed by ReadWriteThink This article, from the International Reading Association, discusses ways of dealing with Internet safety issues in the classroom, and is applicable at home, at libraries and other settings. Suggestions include using filtering software to control access, and using browsers and search engines designed specifically for children.

19 19 Online Safety Resources (Collection of resources) Reviewed by ReadWriteThink This Web site, from the National Crime Prevention Council, offers extensive parent-, teacher- and child- appropriate resources related to child safety and youth crime prevention. Of particular interest are the Parent resources on Social Networking Sites and Internet Safety, both aimed at helping children and teens protect themselves and their identity online.Social Networking SitesInternet Safety

20 20 Online Safety Resources Child Safety on the Information Highway (PDF Reference Material) Reviewed by ReadWriteThink This resource, from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, provides links to a downloadable brochure, available in English and Spanish, that offers safety tips for families whose teenagers use online services.

21 21 Online Safety Resources Family Safety ResourcesFamily Safety Resources (Collection of resources) Developed by Verizon The Internet is a wonderful resource for everyone in your family. Nevertheless, there is content out there that you and your children won't want to see. Learn how to keep your family safe when online by visiting these helpful and informative sites. There you'll find articles, downloads and tools that will show you how to make the internet fun for the whole family.

22 22 Join the Community Great way to stay connected

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24 24 Worksheets Interactives E-Sheets Podcasts Printable Maps Primary Source Documents Rubrics Web sites Virtual Museums Graphic Organizers Photographs Video Clips Online Manipulatives Quizzes Audio Clips Thank you for joining us. Use Thinkfinity to enhance your classroom!

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