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Immigration US History.

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1 Immigration US History

2 Definition Immigrant:
A person who comes to another country for the purpose of living there.

3 Old Immigration 1830’s-1880’s Most came from North and Western Europe

4 Large Irish population came to the US because of a potato famine in Ireland They would settle in US ports and cities like New York and Boston

5 1840’s A large number of Germans came to the US because of crop failures Others left for religious or political freedom They would settle in Midwest farms and cities (Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and St. Louis)

6 1850’s Chinese immigrants settle in the West because of the Gold Rush

7 How were immigrants treated?
In some areas immigrants were welcomed because workers were needed badly. In other areas, immigrants were resented because they dressed and sounded different, as well as practiced different religions.

8 New Immigration Most immigrants were from central, southern, and eastern Europe.

9 Italians and Sicilians
Italians and Sicilians came in large numbers because they needed to leave a poor economy and overpopulation.

10 Eastern Europeans Eastern European Jews were fleeing because of discrimination and poverty. In many European areas, Jews were not allowed to own land, move, or work.

11 Slavs Slavs are people from Eastern Europe that have a similar language and customs. They came to the US for political freedom and a better economy.

12 Common Characteristics of Immigration
New immigrants typically flock to cities because of more jobs, housing, and services. They formed ethnic neighborhoods where they often live together in areas (Little Italy, Chinatown, etc.)

13 More common characteristics
Often immigrants would face public resentment Many worried that immigrants would never assimilate (adapt to the culture one lives in) Many blamed immigrants for low wages and loss of jobs

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