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Aphrodite The Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility. <3.

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1 Aphrodite The Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility. <3

2 Eros Aphrodites son and constant companion. Born from her affair with Ares A boy with wings and bow and arrows as well as a flaming torch Roman name-Cupid

3 Aphrodites Temple The priestesses were not considered prostitutes. Temple prostitution was when the priestesses had intercourse with a man who would pay The offerings would go to benefit the temple Women would do this so Aphrodite would bless them with large families.

4 Hermaphrodite Cleverly named child of Hermes and Aphrodite Nymph saw Hermaphrodite bathing and fell in love Prayed to gods they would never be separated Gods granted her wish and bonded them together

5 Pygmalion King of Cyprus Angered at immorality of women Created ivory statue of his ideal woman that Aphrodite granted life to This formed the basis of the play Pygmalion and the musical My Fair Lady

6 Myrrha Beautiful witch Great Granddaughter of Pygmalion Mother boasted that she was more beautiful than Aphrodite As punishment, she fell in love with her father After 12 nights her father realized who she was and chased her She turned into a myrrh tree Gave birth to Adonis

7 Anchises He was a mortal man, making it inappropriate for Aphrodite to pursue him Had a form of a god Prince of territory nearby Troy Would later be carried out of Troy after its fall

8 Adonis and Aphrodite Aphrodite fell in love with him after Zeus put the desire in her heart Aphrodite could no longer boast She went to him dressed her best, but disguised her goddess self Walk to his cabin where he let her into his house

9 The Happily ever After Aphrodite gave birth to a child Told Anchises her real identity There son was raised by nymphs and then given to their father Prevented him from telling anybody about it He bragged about it anyways Became lame as punishment

10 Other interesting facts Adonis, who she would later fall in love with, was her great-great grandson Had many love affairs, cheating several times on Hephaestus His wife only so Zeus could keep the peace Remained however, a virgin goddess

11 Symbols Most things considered tokens of love now come from her symbols including seashells, the evening star, many perfumes, the rose, gold and pearls Some of her more unusual symbols are The number 5, bees, goats, artichokes, and a triangle

12 Other myths Adonis Paris and his beauty contest. Glory, power, or love? Started Trojan War Affair with Ares Many other affairs Wounded during the Trojan war after trying to save her son Aeneas

13 Bibliography

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