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GCPR Framework Project Orientation April 1999. Todays Presentation zG-CPR Organization and Framework Project zQuestions and Comments.

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1 GCPR Framework Project Orientation April 1999

2 Todays Presentation zG-CPR Organization and Framework Project zQuestions and Comments

3 Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses … I am directing the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to create a new Force Health Protection Program. Every soldier, sailor, airman and marine will have a comprehensive, life-long medical record of all illnesses and injuries they suffer, the care and inoculations they receive and their exposure to different hazards. These records will help us prevent illness and identify and cure those that occur… President Clinton November 8, 1997

4 G-CPR Organization Established January 1998 includes the following members: yDepartment of Defense yDepartment of Veterans Affairs yIndian Health Service

5 G-CPR Framework Project zFirst G-CPR project zCommon business and technical characteristics for information sharing zPrivate sector solutions

6 Project Goals zTo create a secure technical environment for sharing sensitive information. zTo develop a patient focused national information technology architecture. zTo create common information model(s) and terminology models to ensure interoperability between disparate systems.

7 Project Goals zTo adopt and adhere to standards where they exist and to advance the development and establishment of standards where they are absent. zTo leverage existing agency and inter- agency systems and workgroup investments.


9 Phase I - Development zDevelop and maintain Government Reference Models (GRM) for clinical information domains. (ongoing activity) zDevelop heritage/legacy system interfaces (agency unique activity, ongoing). zEstablish security standards and authorities. zDesign and develop the technical environment. zProof-of-Concept Demonstration. zPrototype Demonstration.

10 Modeling Activities zGovernment Reference Information Modeling yHL7 Message Development Framework Process xIdentification of trigger/events and data elements by domain expert focus groups xProduce electronic format of model to hand-off to PRC xDoD lead yRecurring activity zGovernment Reference Terminology Modeling yConvergent Medical Terminology (CMT) Process Evaluation yVA lead yRecurring activity

11 Harmonization zHL7- RIM zUnited Kindom zAustralian zDepartment of Defense zVendor Consortium

12 Model Partitions z Person z Patient Record Architecture z Role Identification/Definition - Security z Continuity of Care z Access to Clinical Information

13 GCPR FRAMEWORK INTEGRATED PRODUCT TEAMS yProduct Development (cross IPT group) xInfrastructure IPT xData Management IPT xSecurity IPT xExternal Interfaces IPT xCommunications IPT x*Led by PRC

14 Infrastructure IPT Scope yORB, Corba Services, Corba facilities yResource Directory - Maps Framework object names to the corresponding location. yCommunication Services - Addresses the mechanism by which software objects talk to each other. yMessage Handling Services - Support of HL7 and X12 yTask Management Services - Launches, controls, and coordinates lower-level operations.

15 Data Management IPT Scope yProvides users and applications distributed access to data throughout the GCPR agencies systems. yPrimary components include: xQuery Services xCommon Data Representation xMaster Patient Index and Master Patient Information Locator xvirtual database xLongitudinal Record assembly and storage

16 Security IPT Scope yProvides the components and the implementation of the business rules, including authentication and roles, for provision of security within the Framework. yProvides security for centralized servers, client workstations, heritage and agency system interfaces, and local servers. yUses PKI, VPNs, Firewalls and provision for bio- metrics. yWill be based upon CORBA security services and meet HIPAA recommendations.

17 External Interfaces IPT Scope xThe Framework provides an integrated Framework interface layer that subsumes user interfaces, messages, interfaces to heritage systems, and a set of services for external applications. xWe have to have considerable representation here since the SOW specifically stated that the contractor would not be responsible for any changes to our heritage systems. This creates a boundry that can be a high risk area but would be mitigated with increased government representation. xEach Agency set aside funds to deal with heritage system interfacing with the Framework.

18 Communication IPT Scope xThe GCPR Framework is based upon Internet technologies and connects distributed systems across agencies and distance. It utilizes TCP/IP as its transport mechanism. xThe Communication IPT must deal with the provision of the GCPR Proof of Concept and Prototype access to agency MPIs and Heritage Systems. They must also ensure adequate bandwidth for system response that is user acceptable. xThe Government instructed the contractor to assume adequate bandwidth.

19 GCPR Framework Project yQuestions? yComments

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