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Getting Started with UML for HL7

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1 Getting Started with UML for HL7
Modeling Facilitator's Guide

2 HL7 Modeling Tools Installation
Pre-requisite: RSM installed Work group co-chairs need apply for a RSM license on behalf of modeling facilitators OHT Modeling Site provides HL7 UML modeling extensions Polarion Subversive Client for version control allows you to use the HL7 SVN repository: Optional tools: hyperModel provides XML Schema Generation and Reverse- Engineering If you are having difficulties using the update site, consider downloading the plugin and updating it from a local file: Archived Update Site Direct your Eclipse update manager to this archive file:  Subversive_ * Archived Update Site  Subversive_ LocalUpdateSite.md5 * Checksum File

3 Installing updates – RSM 7.0.5
Select “Help” menu, “Software Updates”, “Find and Install” “Search for new features to install” For each update site: “New Remote Site…” Add the update site to the URL: … then finish

4 Installing updates – RSM 7.5.2
Help  Software Updates… For each update site: Then select the features to install…

5 Select features to install:


7 Enabling HL7 Capabilities
Select the model folder in “Project Explorer” Select “Properties”  “Capabilities”

8 Healthcare Extensions
UML profiles HDF Profile RIM Profile Select the model folder in “Project Explorer” Select “Properties”  “Profiles” Add “HDF” and “RIM” to the model

9 HL7 RIM Tools

10 Specialization of Act as specified in the RIM
Clone Editor Act class attributes Allows you to select Attributes of the RIM class (e.g. Act) A specialization of that RIM class and their attributes(e.g. Account, ControlAct, etc.) Select the relevant attributes and “OK” Specialization of Act as specified in the RIM

11 Examples: Act, Participation, Role

12 “Healthcare” tab containing HL7 extension

13 Import MIF or MIF2 files Import information models into UML models
Abstract Datatypes, HL7 Terminology, and HL7-specific UML extensions are applied automatically as MIF/MIF2 files are imported into UML2 models Uses Ant tasks:

14 SVN repository Each ballot MIF files are imported and checked into HL7 SVN repository

15 Re-using imported files
“Check out” the specific HL7 ballot files

16 HL7-tools menu options-1
Right-click the diagram canvas “HL7 tools”  “Assign RIM colors” Colorize the classes according to their stereotype E.g. “Act” in Pink

17 HL7-tools menu options-2
Right-click the diagram canvas “HL7 tools”  “Collapse External” Automatically collapses the root classes of referenced CMETs

18 HL7 UML Extensions HDF Profile RIM Profile for the Foundation Classes
In addition to the “color coding” Profiles are applied to models


20 HDF Profile – continued

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