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Online Access to Student Information

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1 Online Access to Student Information
CMSD Home Access Center Part II Online Access to Student Information "The primary goal of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is to become a premier school district in the United States of America." March 2012

2 What is Home Access Center?
Review Home Access Center is a web application which allows parents and guardians to: View information about their student Communicate with teachers Update their student’s information Home Access Center is updated continuously and is available 24/7 via a web browser and a computer connected to the Internet.

3 Home Access Center Access to Student Information
Review Home Access Center allows parents, guardians and students to view; Progress Reports Report Cards Attendance Information Class Schedules Instructor’s Note – explain that these are covered in Home Access Center Part 1

4 Home Access Center Other Key features
Review Home Access Center allows parents, guardians and students to; Communicate with teachers Update student information

5 Where do I start? Review A letter is sent to Parents and Guardians at the beginning of the school year with your Home Access Center Username and Password If you did not receive a Home Access Center letter, call eSchoolPlus Support at (216)

6 Logging into Home Access Center
Review Using your web browser and a computer connected to the Internet, navigate to; Enter your Username and Password Instructor’s Note – A best practice for using HAC with parents is to teach them to open a new browser session when using HAC on a public computer. Ask them to exit their current browser (File > Exit) and then launch their browser to start a fresh session.

7 Review Select Your Student
Click on the Student’s name to access their Student information. Instructor’s Note – explain that the parent or guardian should see all of their students that are enrolled in CMSD. They can select one student at a time. There is a menu choice to return to this page to view other students. If one of their student’s is not listed, they should contact eschoolplus Support at

8 Accessing other information
Review Use the menu on the left hand side of the screen to navigate to the student’s: Schedule Attendance Interim Progress Report Report Cards Registration

9 Registration Information
To view or change your student’s Registration Information, click on “Registration”

10 Registration Information
On the Registration Page you can; View your student’s: Personal Information (General Information) School Transportation Information Edit your student’s: Emergency Information Parent/Guardian Contact Information FERPA Information

11 General Information View Student name, birth date, gender, grade, counselor, homeroom teacher, social security number, ethnicity, and meal status If any of this information is incorrect, please contact to have the information corrected Instructor’s Note – Remind participants that they must contact to request changes/corrections to the general information section.

12 Emergency Information
To edit your student’s emergency information, click on the “Edit Information” link.

13 Edit and Save Emergency Information
Enter information about your student’s Doctor Hospital Medical Insurance Be sure to click “Save” Instructor’s Note – Be sensitive to the parent’s privacy and confidentiality (these are not required fields). If the parent does not have Doctor, Hospital or Medical insurance info and requests assistance, please refer them to the CMSD Family and Community Engagement Office ( ).

14 School Transportation Information
View your student’s To and From School Transportation Information If any of this information is incorrect, please contact XXX-XXX-XXXX to have the information corrected

15 Edit and Save Parent/Guardian Contact Information Click on “Edit Information” to change/update and Phone contact information If any of this information is incorrect, please contact to have the information corrected Instructor’s Note – Advise parents that if address or parent/guardian information is incorrect, they must contact to have the information corrected. FERPA Section – currently, the FERPA section is under review by the CMSD eSchoolPlus team. The option to change FERPA info may or may not be available to parents. If there are FERPA questions, please have the parent’s contact the eSchoolplus team directly at

16 View another Student’s Information
To return to the My Student’s menu, click on “My Students”

17 Review – Important Info
Request HAC User Name and Password Address to access the Home Access Center Local School Phone Info Request changes to General Information Contact Information School Transportation Information

18 Home Access Center Part 2
Congratulations, you’ve completed HAC Part 2! Home Access Center has many more features, contact your student’s school for more information about; Transcripts Test Scores The Student Registration Center

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