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Integrated Clinical Database CPT Joseph P. Edger & 1Lt S. Erin Elarton 26 November, 2003.

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1 Integrated Clinical Database CPT Joseph P. Edger & 1Lt S. Erin Elarton 26 November, 2003

2 Outline What is the Integrated Clinical Database (ICDB)? The History of ICDB ICDB Mission Statement ICDB Architecture Where is ICDB deployed? Why was ICDB created? How does ICDB improve overall healthcare delivery process easier? How is ICDB important to the organization? Where is it going in the future, the system, and the processes? What does a healthcare administrator need to know about ICDB to be successful?

3 What is Integrated Clinical Database (ICDB)? Provides Clinical Information via internal Web access Simplifies Data Access Designed to Meet the clinical Needs of MTF Medical Personnel Total Clinical information at your fingertips in seconds Downloads CHCS and other Legacy data

4 The History of ICDB 1994: Started as an AF Initiative at Wilford Hall Medical Center as a tool for enabling user-friendly adhoc reports for CHCS – Providers, Nurses, and Support Staff Created the Functional Requirements for the ICDB Application 1999: Beta deployment to Walter Reed 2002: Air Force Medical Service approved ICDB for AF wide deployment 2002: DITSCAP process completed and C2 Accreditation awarded 2003: Certificate of Networthiness (CON) by the Air Force Communications Agency 2003: AFMS-wide deployment planned

5 Official Mission Statement Integrate data from diverse clinical information systems into a single, uniform, open-architecture platform that facilitates the rapid development, prototyping, deployment and sharing of leading-edge tools that support local commanders and their staffs in meeting both their unique, MTF-specific missions and MHS strategic goals.

6 ICDB Architecture for the MTF ICDB provides a relational database and software on the MTF intranet allowing all MTF users to share information Security and Privacy are continuously addressed for HIPPA compliance Downloads data from CHCS and SADR (Standard Ambulatory Data Record) HL7 Messages provide real-time updates from CHCS Information entered via ICDB, e.g information, is stored and available to all software that uses ICDB database Installers have loaded 3-5 years of historical CHCS + SADR data into ICDB.

7 Architecture for Tertiary MTFs Tertiary MTFs usually support several MTFs with their CHCS server All MTFs serviced by the Tertiary CHCS will have access to the Oracle/ICDB associated with the Tertiary facility

8 United States Coast Guard Yard, Balt., Md

9 Why was ICDB created? Support Primary Care Optimization – Medical Team Concept – Expands the roles of nurses and medical technicians – Staff work closer to their selected patient population – Assists providers with their efforts to improve clinical practice

10 How does ICDB make the healthcare delivery process easier? Decreases the number of times you have to enter data Obtain a patients clinical history in seconds Direct access to CHCS when you want to write orders/get new appointment, etc. Allows easy identification of your panel members View, edit, and update your patients Electronic DD Form 2766 Simplifies the Management of patients with similar medical conditions Identify and Follow high risk patients in your panel Simplifies Peer Review/Chart Review Helps you meet AFSG Initiatives Clinical education tool for Residents

11 How is it important to the organization? Improve the Quality of Care of our enrolled population Increases patient involvement in their own care Improves clinical decision-making Coordinates care across clinics Enables proactive interventions by identifying unmet needs Expands the roles and responsibilities of support staff Provides feedback to Providers, Staff, and Hospital Commanders on the effectiveness of their interventions Assists the MTF in passing inspections and surveys

12 Provider Portal Point and click obtains last 3-5 years of host CHCS individual patient medical history – IN SECONDS Panel membership one click away Diabetics easily identified Identifies patients falling through the cracks Simplifies Peer Review/Chart Review Promotes better coding Promotes clinical education Promotes research – Data retrieval is easier, faster

13 ICDB Provider Homepage Opens to Your Appointments

14 Identifying Cohorts of Patients Visiting ER

15 Identifying Cohorts Overdue for Preventive Services Display in Excel File

16 Clinical Summary -- ONE SCREEN

17 Click Individual Patient Summary

18 Medical Links – Research at the Click of a Mouse Takes you back to the ICDB Home Page

19 Lab Results Over Graphed Over Time Note: Latest Labs Show On Trend

20 Nurse/Technician Portal Improve personnel management & efficiencies – Project clinic resource requirements Coordinate care across patient conditions, services, and settings – over time Assist in understanding unmet need Case Management Support meeting JCAHO requirements


22 Drilling Down on High Risk Patients In Your ICDB Team Panel

23 DD 2766

24 DD 2766 – Page 2 Over Due Prevention Alert

25 WRHCS Outcomes Management Database Outcomes Scorecards – Cardiovascular – Congestive Heart Failure – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – Diabetes – Hepatitis C – Womens Health – Childhood Asthma

26 Where is ICDB going in the future? I see HealtheForces, MedBase, and [Park City Solutions] merging into one corporate ICDB solution. COL Mark A. Lyford, MS, USA Joint Medical Information Systems Program Executive Officer


28 What does a healthcare administrator need to know about ICDB? Helps move the organization to a proactive, prevention-based system Ensures patients do not fall through the cracks Enhances point of care processes Quality measurement and improvement Assists MTFs in passing inspections and surveys

29 ICDB Contact Information ICDB Program Office Office of the Air Force Surgeon General 5201 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1401, Skyline #3 Falls Church, Virginia ICDB Operations Office 7800 West IH-10 Suite 620 San Antonio, Texas

30 Summary ICDB enhances CHCS I by providing coordination of care across: – Patient conditions – Clinical services – MTF settings

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