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LUKE SKYWALKER Beaujolais is written with an "S" because there are 12 of them.

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4 Beaujolais is written with an "S" because there are 12 of them

5 History of Beaujolais 1 st century B.C. - Caesar's army planted the wine along the roads 10th century - nobility created the town of Beaujeu in the western hills of Beaujolais July identity distinct from neighbor Burgundy, after Philippe the Bold outlawed the Gamay grape in Burgundy Edict proved to be a good thing for each of the two regions

6 Beaujolais vinification Typicity: the original element identifies a Beaujolais among other wines Sensory quality: subjective for the taster Nutritional quality: wine and health

7 Unique grape variety Gamay noir à Jus Blanc, red Beaujolais (99% of production) Highest densities of plantation in the world vines/ha (7 000 to vines/ha) Many characteristics of the harvest (soil, maturity, condition……) Beaujolais vinification

8 Who makes Beaujolais? wine making estates produce the different Beaujolais appellations. Many vine growers join forces within the 19 co-operatives

9 Where are Beaujolais sold? 48% in France: –Cafés, hotels and restaurants: 26% –Hyper/supermark ets: 42% –Other: 32% 52% abroad: –Germany: 26% –Switzerland:15% – USA: 14% –Japan: 10% –Great Britain:9% –Others: 26%

10 The vine growing Plantation: Grape variety for red wine - Gamay Pruning: From December to March 12 buds left on wine :

11 Making Beaujolais Manual Harvesting: people, 20 days in mid-September -good for sorting grapes - mechanical harvest not satisfactory Keeping Wine Appellation: -length of maceration (4 to 10 days) -temperature - bunch/juice ratio

12 Making Beaujolais Analyzing, Filtering, Bottling: Pressing and Fermentation: -checks and analyses -pressed juice (festival in Odenas/10) -run off juice and the press assembled -finished fermentation


14 Tasting Temperature : Nouveaux wines 12-14°C - below that neither its bouquet nor its fruit - maximum for a Cru 18°C, the ideal 16°C Sight : thin, tulip shape, clear glass - robe verging on purple - old wines slightly towards brown - swirl the wine and check "good legs" or tears (if they are thin or fleeting the wine is dry)

15 Tasting Smell : swirling releases distinctive aromas (bunch is not crushed before fermentation ) -secondary aromas mainly fruity: apricot, cherry, peach, strawberry, raspberry, pear and apple. Taste : take a little sip but its too early to swallow as your mouth can discover more - now you can decide if the wine is lively, fleshy, tender, long depending on the main elements : acidity - tannin - alcohol

16 Vintage code Classification based on general and objective observation. ***** EXCEPTIONAL (Vintage of the century) **** EXCELLENT *** GOOD ** QUITE GOOD * ACCEPTABLE

17 Vintage Beaujolais Nouveaux Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages Beaujolais Crus 1982***** 1983****** 1984**** 1985****** 1986**** 1987***** 1988******* 1989************ 1990**** 1991******** 1992***** 1993********* 1994*** 1995******* 1996*** ** 1997********* 1998*** 1999*********** 2000****

18 What are you tasting?? ***

19 Questions?

20 Thank you and Cheers !!!!

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