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LUKE SKYWALKER Beaujolais is written with an "S" because there are 12 of them.

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4 Beaujolais is written with an "S" because there are 12 of them

5 History of Beaujolais 1 st century B.C. - Caesar's army planted the wine along the roads 10th century - nobility created the town of Beaujeu in the western hills of Beaujolais July 1395 - identity distinct from neighbor Burgundy, after Philippe the Bold outlawed the Gamay grape in Burgundy Edict proved to be a good thing for each of the two regions

6 Beaujolais vinification Typicity: the original element identifies a Beaujolais among other wines Sensory quality: subjective for the taster Nutritional quality: wine and health

7 Unique grape variety Gamay noir à Jus Blanc, red Beaujolais (99% of production) Highest densities of plantation in the world 10 000 vines/ha (7 000 to 13 000 vines/ha) Many characteristics of the harvest (soil, maturity, condition……) Beaujolais vinification

8 Who makes Beaujolais? 3 619 wine making estates produce the different Beaujolais appellations. Many vine growers join forces within the 19 co-operatives

9 Where are Beaujolais sold? 48% in France: –Cafés, hotels and restaurants: 26% –Hyper/supermark ets: 42% –Other: 32% 52% abroad: –Germany: 26% –Switzerland:15% – USA: 14% –Japan: 10% –Great Britain:9% –Others: 26%

10 The vine growing Plantation: Grape variety for red wine - Gamay Pruning: From December to March 12 buds left on wine :

11 Making Beaujolais Manual Harvesting: -35.000 people, 20 days in mid-September -good for sorting grapes - mechanical harvest not satisfactory Keeping Wine Appellation: -length of maceration (4 to 10 days) -temperature - bunch/juice ratio

12 Making Beaujolais Analyzing, Filtering, Bottling: Pressing and Fermentation: -checks and analyses -pressed juice (festival in Odenas/10) -run off juice and the press assembled -finished fermentation


14 Tasting Temperature : Nouveaux wines 12-14°C - below that neither its bouquet nor its fruit - maximum for a Cru 18°C, the ideal 16°C Sight : thin, tulip shape, clear glass - robe verging on purple - old wines slightly towards brown - swirl the wine and check "good legs" or tears (if they are thin or fleeting the wine is dry)

15 Tasting Smell : swirling releases distinctive aromas (bunch is not crushed before fermentation ) -secondary aromas mainly fruity: apricot, cherry, peach, strawberry, raspberry, pear and apple. Taste : take a little sip but its too early to swallow as your mouth can discover more - now you can decide if the wine is lively, fleshy, tender, long depending on the main elements : acidity - tannin - alcohol

16 Vintage code Classification based on general and objective observation. ***** EXCEPTIONAL (Vintage of the century) **** EXCELLENT *** GOOD ** QUITE GOOD * ACCEPTABLE

17 Vintage Beaujolais Nouveaux Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages Beaujolais Crus 1982***** 1983****** 1984**** 1985****** 1986**** 1987***** 1988******* 1989************ 1990**** 1991******** 1992***** 1993********* 1994*** 1995******* 1996*** ** 1997********* 1998*** 1999*********** 2000****

18 What are you tasting?? ***

19 Questions?

20 Thank you and Cheers !!!!

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