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Wine Label and Wine and Food Harmony Compiled By – Miss. Ashwini Shinde.

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1 Wine Label and Wine and Food Harmony Compiled By – Miss. Ashwini Shinde

2 Label Jargons Grape variety (if there?) Grape variety (if there?) Region Region Vintage Vintage Classification (important) Classification (important) French – Appellation d’origin Controllee (AOC) or AC (Burgundy) Italy – DOC/DOCG


4 Wine with Food The mix with food & wine can be complex Food + Wine should complement each other and the order of dishes & wine should is imp. General guideline is delicate food with delicate (lighter wines) and heavy food with fuller and aged whites.

5 Wine with food - Rules Salty dishes before sweet Start younger wines and then to older Lightest to full-bodied ones Drink whites before red

6 Wine with Food – Enemies! Smoke Coffee Any fruits used in cooking Chocolate Eggs, mayonnaise.

7 Wine & Health The health benefits of wine have also been attributed to the antioxidant effects of polyphenols (found in grape-skins – more so in red) - antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, are thought to reduce the formation of fatty plaques in blood vessels. There is also evidence that red wine dilates blood vessels and stops red blood cells from clumping.

8 Wine Storage Best to keep wines lying down in cool, dark place. Ideal temp. between 10 – 16C. Humidity between 60 – 75%. Fridge Whites day before serving. Champagnes are kept upright. Away from heat source, vibrations etc.

9 Wine Decanting Wine Breathing! Young and Old wines benefit from decanting. Young ones will aid oxidation of fresh sulphur and “soften” harsh tannins. Older one (10, 20, 30years old) will catch “breath” to unfold its bouquet, developing over 2-3 hours in a decanter.

10 Social Etiquette in Wine Drinking Ordering – Check label, year and approve. Tasting – Look at cork (smell if necessary). Follow SAF(E) rule and approve for pouring. Females first then males Pour only just under the widest rim and NEVER fill a wine glass to the top. (Restaurants differ) Hold the glass by the STEM or the BASE and NEVER by the glass. Swirl at your ease and keep smelling to see any new aroma released. Becomes a Habit! You will see different glasses for different wines.

11 Thank You !!!

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