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Reflections on the Journey Diane H. Sonnenwald.

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1 Reflections on the Journey Diane H. Sonnenwald


3 Job Ad: Intelligent, energetic, sensitive individual with a bachelors degree…

4 Collaboration with many different disciplines Collaboration with different hierarchical levels

5 New ways of conceptualizing problems & behaviour Life-long friends in LIS Data collection in different countries


7 Pure basic research Use-inspired research Pure applied research & development Improved understanding Improved practice, technology Existing understanding Existing practice, technology Research Approach (Stokes, 1997)

8 Previous & Ongoing Projects

9 Traditional Technology R&D Cycle Computer Science Research Prototypes Socio-technical research studies of use & non-use Developers & Usability Engineers IT Products Stakeholders

10 Visioning Studies Approach Visioning Studies Socio technical research SW Developers & Usability Engineers IT Products Stakeholders Intended Stakeholders Computer Science Research Prototypes

11 Visioning Studies Goals - Validate proposed benefits - Identify unintended consequences & unintended benefits -Identify deployment challenges & solutions -Provide insights regarding technology features -Inform funding decisions Two complementary approaches - Investigates future task performance - Identifies implications in the domain context Recent & ongoing visioning studies - 3D telepresence technology in emergency medical care - Future mobile technology in police work - Focus on complex and dynamic domain contexts

12 Some advice…. Be helpful to others Collaborate well with others Ask yourself: Is it the right thing to do? Its okay if challenges slow you down; dont let them stop you

13 Acknowledgments Sincere thanks to my mentors, collaborators, students and study participants and their organizations over the years! My thanks also to the funding agencies who supported the projects.

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