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Capacity building is the key – InWEnt and the capacity building approach Michael Schwartzkopff.

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1 Capacity building is the key – InWEnt and the capacity building approach Michael Schwartzkopff

2 Our task Development of structures for sustainable development in a globalised world Our contribution International human resources development Our methodology Capacity building

3 Financial crisis Supply of fossil energy (Inter)national security Climate change Supply of food Supply of water Migration Diseases and disasters Political challenges of globalisation


5 Traditional institutional structures and modern needs Command and control by objectives orientation and self-responsibility Agevs.competence Isolated expertsvs.networking experts One-dimensionalvs.interdisciplinary expertise Copy rightvs.share ware Quantity-orientedvs.quality-oriented output

6 Capacity Building on three levels InWEnt means human resources and organisational development in international cooperation. Our range of activities aims at technical and managerial staff as well as at decision makers from business, politics, administration and civil society. We foster decision-making and action competence Individual We promote action and decision-making competence and responsibility at the political level System We strengthen the performance of organisations in the public and private sector Organisation

7 Individual skills to tackle complex problems Technical knowledge ("hard skills") Method competences, e.g.: project management, change management, strategy development and conceptual skills, analytical competence, moderation competence, presentation techniques Personal competences, e.g.: Capacity for teamwork, networking competence, negotiation competence, achievement motivation, goal oriented behaviour, ability to handle conflicts, ability to work under pressure, assertiveness, intercultural management skills and competency

8 Capacity Building: Competence Taylor-made and demand-oriented solutions Decision-makers need a mix of different competencies and skills to steer development processes efficiently and effectively. The efficient and target-oriented allocation of competencies guarantees that we achieve optimal solutions. Executive and change competence Regional competence Social competence Methodological knowledge Expertise and specialist know-how

9 Human resources development as key for sustainability Development and implementation of training programmes for / with trainers Target group: multipliers and junior executive staff Development of training material Identification and encouragement of networks Web based training mixed with other instruments (blended learning) Learner driven, group oriented, tutor aided Taylor-made training for modern HRD: training of trainers, networking and e-learning

10 Strengthening the regional and international cooperation for Disaster Risk Management by technical, managerial and interdisciplinary training and dialogue Integration in international networks (GFZ: GEMS, Global Campus 21: InWEnt e-learning, InWEnt Alumni- Programme) Creating partnerships on a regional, national and international level by establishing an effective interdisciplinary cooperation and dialogue between the sector institutions, ministries and universities/training institutions Example given: CB-project objectives for organisations in disaster risk management

11 Key factors for success Agreed-upon terms of reference Ownership for the programme Partnership with shared responsibilities Open-minded discussion of different institutional objectives Monitoring instruments Clear criteria for the evaluation Positive thinking and a good sense of humour

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