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Metadata-Dublin Core CEN/ISSS Workshop - MMI-DC zIan Campbell-Grant, zICL zChair, CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC z23rd October 2001

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1 Metadata-Dublin Core CEN/ISSS Workshop - MMI-DC zIan Campbell-Grant, zICL zChair, CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC z23rd October 2001

2 European Dublin Core Workshop (CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC) z To promote within Europe the development, implementation and application of standardised metadata schemes, specifically including current and future Dublin Core standards. z In support of existing and future European projects, an open forum in which Dublin Core metadata standards related issues get addressed. zEstablished in Europe as lead EU player in this area

3 Endorsement of Dublin Core CWA zCEN/ISSS agreed CWA for Dublin Core Version 1.1 – CWA zDublin Core Metadata Element Set: Reference Description zFormal endorsement for European applications (especially for government agencies)

4 Metadata Dublin Core Existing Workshop Deliverables z Dublin Core – CWA recommendation. z Guidance information for European industry – CWA recommendation. z Web based Observatory on Metadata - assessing Dublin Core and metadata initiatives/activities – CWA recommendation

5 MMI-DC Workshop Future activities zOngoing workshop confirmed zFuture Status agreed September, 2001 zSpecific activities planned zEU funding in process (variety of agencies) zSome established; some being established

6 eEurope zeEurope include these key actions: zStimulate the use of the Internet zGovernment on-line: electronic access to public services. zEuropean Youth in the Digital Age zParticipation for All in the Knowledge Based Economy

7 Open European Forum - Metadata zSharing of information zAddressing metadata standards issues zEU and National European projects zPresentations captured onto MMI-DC Web

8 European work to progress Metadata +Dublin Core zFocus for European participation zRelation with DCMI zEstablishing a European role in DCMI zFor example, detailed guidance zEU project being established

9 Domain specific metadata Application profiles zFor use of Dublin Core in specific domains zWide involvement of stakeholders zGuidelines on Application Profiles - CWA zE-Government Application Profile - CWA zMMI-DC to involve across Europe zEU support through CEN/ISSS

10 Semantic interoperability (Mapping/crosswalks CWA) zAgreed need for development zWide involvement of stakeholders zTo facilitate Domain interoperability zInitial focus geographic area zCWA defining mapping ISO and DC zEU project being established

11 MMI-DC Observatory CEN/ISSS Workshop MMI-DC CWA z Web Observatory linking European activities z A way to find information about European projects and activities on metadata with: y high quality of information y constant quality over time y high coverage of activities in Europe y up-to-date overview of activities

12 This Web based Observatory is part of CEN MMI-DC workshop. The Observatory will maintain and promote a knowledge base for metadata for multimedia information to continually assess relationships between Dublin Core and other initiatives - in order to assist evolution of standardised metadata schemes. The Observatory identifies the key activities currently being undertaken in Europe and across the world : the scope of these activities and related work in European projects and programmes. This is an activity with a European focus and an important aspect of the Observatory will be the coverage of European projects.

13 Metadata Web ring zPromoting collaboration existing + future DC European projects zWeb page hosted by CEN/ISSS zInitial projects: Diffuse, Metadata server, Schemas, Observatory zIntended to grow zExisting European project

14 Revision/update to guidance zCEN Workshop Agreement - CWA Guidance Information for the use of Dublin Core in Europe zGuidance for European Organisations/Industry for those considering adoption of Dublin Core (strategic decision makers; providers; implementers) z More detailed guidance to be progressed within the DCMI activities z Revision of CWA13988 currently in preparation z Existing EU support

15 eContent programme zOne part of eEurope programme zItself a 150 Million ECU programme (~$135M) zTo tackle barriers which prevent fully exploiting potential of the global Internet zAdopted in December, 2000

16 eContent Programme eContent link project CEN/ISSS MMI-DC Metadata bodies & consortia Users metadata requirements metadata experience metadata advice metadata requirements & contributions eContent link project

17 DC-9 MMI-DC Representatives zIf you need more information, key representatives participating in DC-9: Chair:Ian Campbell-Grant ICL Secretary: Leif Andresen Danish National Library Authority z

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