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The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative 8th Plenary Workshop Stuart Weibel Senior Research Scientist OCLC Office of Research Director, Dublin Core Metadata.

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1 The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative 8th Plenary Workshop Stuart Weibel Senior Research Scientist OCLC Office of Research Director, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Copyright 2000 - All Rights Reserved Nation Library of Canada Ottawa, Canada October 4-6, 2000

2 2 Who are you? 150 participants, 20 countries Representatives of libraries, museums, digital library researchers, archives, software developers and vendors, publishers, policy makers, government information services….

3 3 DCMI: Who are we? You are we DCMI is an open consensus building initiative International scope 2 major products and supporting documents (so far) A process (honored too much in the breech…) A community A culture A forum

4 4 DCMI How did we start? 1994 conversation at WWW-2 DC-1: 52 multidisciplinary practitioners How do we improve resource description on the Web? Interdisciplinary, international consensus about a simple standard for resource discovery

5 5 Dublin Core Workshop Series Chicago WWW Conference Oct, 1994 OCLC/NCSA Metadata Workshop Mar, 1995 OCLC/UKOLN Warwick Workshop, UKApr, 1996 CNI/OCLC Image Metadata WorkshopSep, 1996 DC-4, Canberra, AustraliaMar, 1997 DC-5, Helsinki, FinlandOct, 1997 DC-6, Washington, DC, USANov, 1998 DC-7, Frankfurt, GermanyOct, 1999 DC-8, Ottawa, Canada Oct, 2000

6 6 The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Dublin Core Web Site DC-General Dublin Core Mail Server Working Groups DC Advisory Committee Dublin Core Directorate DC Executive Committee Stakeholder Communities

7 7 Why are we here? To focus a shared vision To spread the faith To transfer expertise, experience, insight To identify problems To propose solutions To organize the 2001 work plan

8 8 Adoption by Major Communities Australia, Denmark, Finland: public information discovery Cultural heritage institutions Libraries Educational resources Print and Preprint archives NASA/JPL image archives Software repositories eBooks Financial and Insurance industries Aerospace and Automotive applications GIS applications Health Commerce: information syndication (RSS)

9 9 DCMI Year 2000 Milestones DC-Qualifiers Standardization efforts Dublin Core as a grammar for metadata DC-Education: Community-specific metadata Proposal for auxiliary elements, qualifiers DC-Registry Application Profiles

10 10 DCMI Qualifiers DC Qualifiers approved and issued in July Element Refinements: narrow the meaning of the element Encoding Schemes: Controlled vocabularies or parsing rules to refine the interpretation of an element

11 11 Syntax Documents are in the pipeline Guidelines for expression of qualified DC metadata are in progress: User Guide: new version last week Syntax Guides HTML-DCMI Recommendation HTML-Qualifiers: Proposed Recommendation XML DTD: Proposed Recommendation DC-Qualifiers XML DTD - in progress RDF - In progress

12 12 DCMI Open Source Software Collaborative development promotes community commitment Promote toolkits, utilities, and applications that support the creation, management, and exploitation of metadata We hope many will contribute

13 13 DCMI Open Metadata Registry EOR: Managing vocabularies defined by DCMI Languages Versioning Controlled vocabularies Foundation for modular, incremental integration and evolution Collaboration with European Schema project, ULIS in Tsukuba, Japan, ILRT (SchemRama) in Bristol

14 14 LCNAF MARC-Relater Codes Jurisdiction DCMI Matrix of Semantics and Communities Title Creator Publisher Contributor Date Relation Source Identifier Language Subject Description Coverage Format Type Rights DCMI Audience DC-Education DC-Library DC-Government

15 15 Alternative Representations of DC Metadata Japanese English Portuguese Danish

16 16 The Complete Matrix: A registry of metadata Semantics

17 17 DCMI Re-organization Communications Improved communications Documentation, training, outreach, processes Mission and Focus Expanded scope Exploration of re-organization models Membership? (W3C, Unicode Consortium) Retain open consensus model International perspective Stakeholder governance

18 18 Mission of the DCMI The mission of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) is to make it easier to find resources using the Internet through the following activities: Developing metadata standards for resource discovery across domains Defining frameworks for the interoperation of metadata sets Facilitating the development of community- or domain-specific metadata sets that work within these frameworks

19 19 Scope of Activities Standards Development meetings and workshops to support development of standards and best practice Communications Website, working drafts, documentation, recommendations, mailing lists... Liaisons Promote interoperability through liaison activities with other initiatives Tools and Services promote availability of tools to support creation, management, and use of DC metadata Metadata Registry:infrastructure for managing vocabularies in multiple languages Research Advance the infrastructure and frameworks to support metadata interoperability

20 20 Research and Practice In theory, theory and practice are the same… In practice… they never are Research is about guided change Standardization is about guided stasis DCMI embodies both: both are essential to its success

21 21 Liaisons IEEE-LOM, IMS Education Resources GILS MPEG W3C Open Archives Initiative Electronic Theses and Dissertations RSS XML.COM Development of liaisons with other metadata activities will improve prospects for interoperability

22 22 Standardization CEN Workshop Agreement formalized in January, 2000 NISO: Z39.85

23 23 CEN MMI-DC Workshop Agreement Leif Andresen Endorse Version 1.1 Dublin Core element set as CWA 13874 Providing guidelines for industry to assist the adoption of Dublin Core in Europe Locating and establishing active participation and contributions from relevant projects and activities, resulting in a web based "Observatory" on European work on metadata.

24 24 NISO John Kunze National Information Standards Organization ANSI affiliate Z39.85 Fast Track balloting concluded August 15; Z39.85 has been approved, pending completion of administrative requirements ISO Fast track process is a natural successor

25 25 DC-8 Agenda Highlights Architectural issues Modular extension of structured values Resources, Agents, Events Application Profiles Registry Issues Domain Specific Metadata DC-Education DC-Government, DC-Library DC-Research, Explorations for working group in preservation metadata

26 26 Your Role? Participate in discussions Bring your expertise to bear Join a working group where youd like to contribute Spread the word The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative progresses on the aggregate effort of its constituents

27 27 Thanks... To CNI and IFLA UDT Program as sponsors To the National Science Foundation and OCLC for travel support To the National Library of Canada, and particularly to Louise Lantaigne and her staff for local organization To the DC Advisory committee and the DC-8 Program committee To you… for your investment in the Dublin Core

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