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Partnership Efforts in the Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable (SRR) Lori Hidinger Ecological Society of America Chair, SRR Outreach Working Group.

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1 Partnership Efforts in the Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable (SRR) Lori Hidinger Ecological Society of America Chair, SRR Outreach Working Group

2 Various stakeholders derive values (economic, ecological, and social/ cultural) from U.S. rangelands

3 Many stakeholders are VERY passionate in their perspectives of what are sustainable rangelands and for what values rangelands should be managed...domestic livestock grazing is the single most pervasive and damaging activity on western public lands. RangeNet 2000 Declaration Band of Nevada Ranchers Clashes With Government on Cattle Grazing Fees New York Times Violence Escalates in the Name of Environmentalism Christian Science Monitor Battle Over Grazing Heating Up Associated Press

4 SRR is a partnership of rangeland scientists, ecologists, economists, sociologists, policy and legal experts, environmental advocates, industry representatives, and public and private rangeland managers.

5 Participating Organizations Government AgenciesUniversitiesNon-Governmental Organizations Chippewa Cree Tribe Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Oak Ridge National Laboratory Pacific Northwest National Laboratory San Antonio Water System USDA Agricultural Research Service USDA Economic Research Service USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service U.S. Department of Interior USDI Bureau of Indian Affairs USDI Bureau of Land Management USDI National Park Service U.S. Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service USDA Forest Service U.S. Geological Survey Wyoming State Grazing Board Arizona State University Bradley University Colorado State University Montana State University New Mexico State University Oklahoma State University Oregon State University South Dakota State University Texas A&M University University of Arizona University of California, Berkeley University of Colorado University of Idaho University of Nevada Utah State University Washington State University American Farm Bureau Ecological Society of America Gray Ranch and Malpai Borderlands Group The H. John Heinz Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment Idaho Conservation League Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center National Association of Counties National Association of State Foresters National Audubon Society National Cattlemens Beef Association National Public Lands Council National Wildlife Federation Quivera Coalition Society for Range Management The Nature Conservancy Welder Wildlife Foundation Western States Land Commissioners World Wildlife Fund

6 Advise SRR Steering Committee on how to recruit and communicate with non- participating organizations. Direct/develop outreach materials for SRR. Coordinate with outreach groups in the other sustainable natural resource roundtables. Review outreach efforts of the Steering Committee. Maintain momentum of SRR. SRR Outreach Working Group Charge

7 SRR Outreach Working Group Lori Hidinger, Ecological Society of America (Chair) Mark Brunson, Utah State University William Fox, Texas A&M University Stan Hamilton, National Association of State Foresters Linda Hardesty, Washington State University Linda Joyce, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station Clayton Marlow, Montana State University

8 A series of news items on SRR and its activities SRR Outreach Activities

9 A website with updates on SRR activities and a place for stakeholders to contribute their input SRR Outreach Activities The Roundtable will identify indicators of sustainability based on social, economic, and ecological factors, to provide a framework for national assessments of rangelands and rangeland use. Your Input Thank you for logging on to our website. We are interested in your views. In order to elicit feedback from the general public and interested stakeholders, we have created this page to gather your input. If you wish to participate, please answer the following question in an email message to Helen Rowe. The email may be anonymous or you may wish to introduce yourself briefly. The responses will be collated and shared at the next meeting. What examples have you seen where indicators have been used successfully at the National level on rangelands, shrublands, or grasslands?

10 Symposium at the 2002 Society for Range Management Meeting Workshop at the 2002 joint meeting of the Ecological Society of America and the Society for Ecological Restoration Symposia and Workshops at Affiliated Scientific Society Meetings SRR Outreach Activities

11 Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable Sustainable Minerals and Energy Roundtable Roundtable on Sustainable Forestry Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable Sustainable Natural Resources Roundtable Coordination Network SRR Outreach Activities

12 The opportunity for local participants to participate in SRR meetings at various locations around the country Previous Meetings Denver Salt Lake City Reno San Antonio Tucson SRR Outreach Activities Future Meetings Denver (March 2002) Washington, DC (April 2002) Billings (July 2002) San Diego (October 2002)


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