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Basic Standards Ethical Issues Bernard Heilicser D.O., M.S., F.A.C.E.P.

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1 Basic Standards Ethical Issues Bernard Heilicser D.O., M.S., F.A.C.E.P.

2 Basic Standards for Approval of Residency Training in Emergency Medicine Where is ETHICS?

3 Introduction …Shall provide meaningful objectives that prepare the resident to: 4. Make sound, ethical, and legal judgments as to the expected risks arising from therapy as well as the condition being treated.

4 Standards for Residents D. The resident is legally, morally, and ethically, responsible to pursue exclusively the agreed upon program of training.

5 Standards for Curriculum, Instruction, and Evaluation A. 6. The curriculum shall include instruction in medical ethics and interpersonal skills.

6 3 Times Informed Consent Process Job Restriction What Instruction? What Interpersonal Skills?

7 Core Curriculum Outline Form Administrative Aspects of Emergency Medicine –Departmental Administration –Hospital Administration

8 Broad Topics Ethical Principles Professional Relations Life-Sustaining Treatment Academic Ethics

9 Documents and Ethics AOA Code of Ethics 1998 Position Papers Bylaws of the COEP (March 2001)

10 Where Do We Begin? How do you teach a physician to be ethical? How do you standardize this? How do you exceed the minimum? What are the ethical standards we should hold ourselves to? –Professional –Societal

11 Standard 1 - Mission Purpose and Need Professional Responsibility Societal Responsibility

12 Standard 2 – Educational Program Goals and Objectives Achieve What? Enumerate Objectives –Institutional –Residents

13 Standard 3 – Institutional Requirement for Program Approval How to incorporate? Who is responsible? Oversight

14 Standard 4 – Faculty and Administration Who will teach? –Formal –Subjectively

15 Standard 5 - Residents Importance and legitimacy Consequences of failure –Professionally –Legally

16 Standard 6 – Curriculum and Instruction Core Curriculum is Framework –Amplify –Case Presentations Ethics Rounds All Case Presentations Journal Club

17 Casuistry Learn the rules and appreciate uniqueness Role modeling

18 Standard 7 – Facilities and Other Resources References Conflict resolution

19 Standard 8 - Evaluation Didactic testing Faculty review of case management

20 Conclusion Essential Better physicians and better patient care Virtuous people making right and good decisions

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