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JAN is a service of the U.S. Department of Labors Office of Disability Employment Policy. Harnessing the Accessibility Features of Mobile Devices for Use.

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1 JAN is a service of the U.S. Department of Labors Office of Disability Employment Policy. Harnessing the Accessibility Features of Mobile Devices for Use as Reasonable Accommodations Lisa Dorinzi, M.A., Teresa Goddard, M.S., Elisabeth Simpson, M.S. 1

2 Overview Mobile Device Introduction Problems & Solutions Sensory Motor Cognitive/Psychiatric Future of Mobile Technology Questions Mobile Technology 2

3 Trends Mobile device sales are increasing [2011,] 60 million tablets 472 million smartphones Number of platforms is growing Number of apps is continuously increasing Accessibility features are improving Mobile Technology 3

4 Traditional Accommodations vs Mobile Applications Mobile Technology 4

5 3 Accommodation Approaches Using an accessibility feature to make a mobile device accessible Voice recognition/voice commands Zoom Text to speech Using an app or accessory as all or part of an accommodation Substituting an app for a standalone product Using an accessory to assist with a job task Using a mobile device as an accommodation Telework tool AT alternative Mobile Technology 5

6 Sensory Impairments Conditions can include: Hearing Impairment Deafness Hard of Hearing Vision Impairment Low Vision No Vision Color Vision Deficiency Deafblind Speech Impairment Mobile Technology 6

7 Other Chronic Impairments Conditions can include: Infectious Disease Blood Disorders Endocrine Conditions Diabetes Hypoglycemia Respiratory Impairment Asthma Allergies Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Mobile Technology 7

8 Hearing Limitations Communication By telephone In the field Using sign language Respond to Sounds Ring tone Alerts Page Emergency Preparedness Evacuate safely Mobile Technology 8

9 Hearing Solutions Communication Use streaming device to connect to Bluetooth chip HAC rating Connect to t-coil Access video relay services Z4 Mobile [$0, multi-platform] Purple VRS [$0, multi-platform] Respond to Sounds Use vibrating or visual alerts Emergency Preparedness Use texting for emergency notification and communication Mobile Technology 9

10 Vision Limitations Access Information Access text Access Images Respond to alerts Perceive color Input Information Enter text Access device controls Work remotely or with restrictions Work from home or alternate location Maintain face down posture following retinal surgery Mobile Technology 10

11 Vision Solutions Access Information Screen magnification Voice output VoiceOver [iOS] TalkBack [Android] Braille display Input Information Voice commands Braille Keyboard Device as AT Tool Device as a magnifier ZoomReader magnifies and reads printed text [$19.99, iOS] Mobile Technology 11

12 Deafblind Solution HumanWare Communicator App [$99.00, iOS] Along with with compatible braille keyboard/braille display Mobile Technology 12

13 Speech Limitations Communication Via text or email Face to face By telephone Follow directions Mobile Technology 13

14 Speech Solutions Communication Text communication Use camera images to cue Use video camera for cuing and video modeling AAC/speech generating apps Video Chat Face time [iOS] Skype [$0, multi-platform] Mobile Technology 14

15 Chronic Condition Limitations Work remotely Avoid allergens, germs, and environmental toxins Fatigue Driving Optimize Productivity Prioritizing Concentration Manage Condition Maintain medication/diet/exercise regimen Work alone Work safely Mobile Technology 15

16 Chronic Condition Solutions Work remotely Teleconferencing tools Email access Remote access to workplace terminal Remote Desktop [$0, iOS] Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop [$14.99, Google Play] Optimize Productivity Alerts as reminders Apps as organizational tools Manage Condition Apps to track medication/diet/exercise Track 3 Diabetes Planner [$2.99, Google Play] Communicate in an emergency Mobile Technology 16

17 Motor Impairments Conditions can include: Arthritis Back Conditions Cerebral Palsy Cumulative Trauma Disorders Carpal Tunnel Rotator Cuff Tendonitis Multiple Sclerosis Paraplegia Mobile Technology 17

18 Motor Limitations Fine Motor – Use of Hands Typing Writing Grasping Gross Motor Lifting Fatigue & Weakness Mobile Technology 18

19 Fine Motor: Built-In Accessibility Features Apple iOS Split Keyboard (iPad) Siri Android Voice Recognizer Mobile Technology 19

20 Fine Motor: Alternative Input Devices Panther Connect [$59.99, iOS] Turns iPad into universally designed computer controller Mobile Technology 20

21 Fine Motor: Alternative Input Devices Switchamajig [$279.95 (controller), $0 (app); iOS] Turns iPad into 6 switches Mobile Technology 21

22 Fine Motor: Alternative Input Devices Tecla Access [$0, Google Play & iOS] Wirelessly controls tablet/phone by using wheelchair controls or a standard switch Mobile Technology 22

23 Fine Motor: Alternative Input Devices iPortal Accessibility [varies (controller), $0 (app); iOS] Wirelessly controls Apple products by using wheelchair joystick or switch Mobile Technology 23

24 Fine Motor: Alternative Input Devices Windows 8 Tablet-like layout Compatible with switch access for scanning capabilities Kindle PageBot enables switch access Tablets Various switch options Mobile Technology 24

25 Fine Motor: Alternative Input Devices Alternate Styluses Mouth Adjustable lengths Ergonomic widths Mobile Technology 25

26 Fine Motor: Typing Speech Recognition Dragon Dictation [$0, iOS] Dragon Mobile Assistant [$0, Android] Dragon Email [$0, Blackberry] Larger Interface Big Launcher [$9.99, Google Play] Mobile Technology 26

27 Fine Motor: Typing Implement hand written notes Convert written notes into typed format Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and stylus Livescribe Smartpen & apps Mobile Technology 27

28 Fine Motor: Typing One Handed Keyboard Apps Frog Pad [Free, iOS] HansOn [Free, iOS] OneHand Keyboard [Free, Google Play] Right or Left Hand Options Mobile Technology 28

29 Gross Motor: Lifting Digitize all documents Implement E-Book Readers Kindle Nook iPad Android Tablets Mobile Technology 29

30 Gross Motor: Lifting Tablet Size Comparison Mobile Technology 30 Apple iPad Mini Samsung Galaxy Kindle Fire HD ASUS Infinity Apple iPad 2 Google Nexus 10 Microsoft Surface 8x5 in10x7 in9x6 in10x7 in9x7 in10 x 7 in11 x 7 in.68 lbs1.24 lbs1.25 lbs1.32 lbs1.33 lbs 1.99 lbs

31 Fatigue: Maintain Alertness Alert Apps Stay Awake [$.99, iOS] iTired [$.99, iOS] Anti Sleep Pilot [$19.99, iOS] Anti Sleep [$1.33, Google Play] 31 Mobile Technology

32 Motor Limitations: Tablet Accessories Mounts [] iPad Keyboard Keyguard Bluetooth Keyboards Touch Screen Gloves 32 Mobile Technology

33 Cognitive/Neurological Impairments Conditions can include: Autism Epilepsy Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) Learning Disabilities Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disability, Auditory or Visual Perceptual Deficit, etc. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 33 Mobile Technology

34 Mental Health Impairments Conditions can include: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Depression Anxiety Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Bipolar Disorder 34 Mobile Technology

35 Built-In Features VoiceOver Calendar and Reminders Camera and Slideshow Auto Correct Video Camera Maps Clock, timer, alarm, stopwatch 35 Mobile Technology

36 Limitation: Memory Loss Calendar Notifications Recurring Events Reminders Use camera to capture sequential tasks, final product, people or places Password Reminders iOS: Todo [$4.99], Recurring Events [$.99], iDont Forget [$.99] Android: COL Reminder [$0], Remember [$2.52], Due Today [$2.99] 36 Mobile Technology

37 Limitation: Interacting with Others Use pictures and videos to: Demonstrate appropriate workplace behaviors Role play scenarios Model how to greet others, where to eat, what to do when mad or frustrated Apps for relaxation, meditation, sound therapy 37 Mobile Technology

38 Limitation: Organization Synch calendar, email, and contact lists Organize apps into specific folders Place most frequently used apps on bottom or main page of device iOS: Sticky Notes [$0], Meeting Planner [$.99], Catch Notes [$0] Android: Trello [$0], Note Everything [$3.99] 38 Mobile Technology

39 Impairment: Autism Spectrum Disorders Limitations: Speaking/communicating, stress management, concentration, social skills, and sensory issues. Accommodation: Emotional regulation, voice meter, Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC), personal social skills, scheduling. iOS: Sosh [$39.99], Decibel Ultra [$0], Personal Social Skills HD- Workplace [$1.99], Video Scheduler [$12.99] Android: Calm Counter [$2.99], Time Timer [$1.99] 39 Mobile Technology

40 Impairment: Epilepsy Limitations: Ensuring safety. Accommodation: Fall alerts or accident detectors, emergency information. iOS: Accident-Alert [$2.99, iPhone or iPad with connectivity] Android: EpDetect [$0], In Case of Emergency: Medi Alert [$.99] 40 Mobile Technology

41 Impairment: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Limitations: Concentration, managing distractions, prioritization, and multi-tasking. Accommodation: Visual and auditory timers, movement monitors, white noise, recurring task lists. iOS: ADHD Alarm [$1.99], Time Track [$0], Sit Still [$.99], Pomodoro [$9.99], Meeting Planner [$0] Android: ToDo List TaskDash ADHD [$1.41], Sit Still [$.99], Wunderlist [$0] 41 Mobile Technology

42 Impairment: Learning Disabilities Limitations: Reading (from paper or computer), spelling, writing, math, organization and time management. Accommodation: Text-to-speech, voice recognition, spell check, handwriting to text, notetakers, keyboard layout. iOS: Note Binder [$6.99], AudioNote [$4.99], Handwriting Calculator [$1.99] Android: MyScript Calculator [$0], PhatPad [$4.99], Write Pad [$9.99] 42 Mobile Technology

43 Impairment: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Limitations: Coping with stress, dealing with emotions, and sleep disturbance. Accommodation: Anger management, stress management, audio and visual relaxation, alarms. iOS: Stay Awake! [$.99], White Noise Box [$0], Breathing Zone [$3.99] Android: PTSD Coach [$0], Meditation Anywhere Work Stress [$0] 43 Mobile Technology

44 Impairment: Depression Limitations: Dealing with emotions, stamina, and meeting deadlines. Accommodation: Skype or video chat, Project time log, To-do lists. iOS: Deadlines Pro [$.99], Set Goal [$4.99] Android: Deadlines Reminder [$0],Location Alert [$0], Voice Reminder [$1.99] 44 Mobile Technology

45 Impairment: Anxiety Limitations: Difficulty handling stress, panic attacks, dealing with change, and interacting with others. Accommodation: Guided breathing and meditation, music, panic attack talk down. iOS: At Ease [$2.99], iCBT [$7.99], Anxiety Stopwatch [$12.99] Android: At Ease [$2.99], Relax [$3.50] 45 Mobile Technology

46 The Future of Mobile Technology Smaller devices with greater capabilities Improved Accessibility Voice recognition Switch access Applications for visually impaired Mobile technology Desktop 46 Mobile Technology

47 Websites to Find Apps Platform Specific Stores: Google Play iTunes Apps Store Amazon Windows Store Others: visually 47 Mobile Technology

48 Questions? 48 Mobile Technology

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