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What’s it all about? RENEWAL:

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1 What’s it all about? RENEWAL:
Prepared by NBCTs Hilda Hamilton and Lynn Carter NBPTS copyright January 2009 August 2001

2 Post-it note pondering….
On separate post-its write titles of your memorable units, lessons or activities. August 2001

3 NBC Continuum tree map You will be given all the components to create a tree map for the NBC continuum. As a group, find the title, subtopics and supporting information to create an organized tree map. You may want to do this on the floor or on an empty table. August 2001

4 As a National Board Certified Teacher, what have you been doing since your certification?
August 2001

5 Topics to be Discussed Assessment Components Scoring Timeline
Advance organizing NBPTS resources August 2001

6 “A Profile of Professional Growth”
Three components Documentation of PGE’s One reflection At least one video Possible student work samples August 2001

7 First Component Four Professional Growth Experiences
Your choice of PGEs is significant because they serve as the basis of Components 2 and 3 , as well as the reflection. 3 pages of written commentary for each PGE 2 pages of samples of products for each PGE August 2001

8 Let’s see what you already know about Professional Growth Experiences…..
August 2001

9 A PGE can be a one-time workshop.
FALSE August 2001

10 A PGE must evolve. TRUE August 2001

11 A PGE can begin before NBPTS certification.
TRUE August 2001

12 A PGE can be supported with unlimited documentation.
FALSE August 2001

13 A PGE can be outside your area of certification.
TRUE August 2001

14 A PGE requires knowledge and use of cutting edge technology.
FALSE August 2001

15 A PGE must show direct or indirect impact on student learning.
TRUE August 2001

16 PGE’s are all about how many committees you’ve served on.
FALSE August 2001

17 A PGE should reflect current trends in your area of certification.
TRUE August 2001

18 PGE’s must show an ongoing commitment or contribution to the profession.
TRUE August 2001

19 PGE’s should be multi-faceted.
TRUE August 2001

20 It’s impossible to write about a PGE if you are no longer in the classroom.
FALSE August 2001

21 A PGE should demonstrate continued application of current National Board standards.
TRUE August 2001

22 All PGE’s must have a technology component.
FALSE Although FALSE, the first component of the renewal must show some acquisition of technology knowledge or application of technology in at least one PGE. August 2001

23 A PGE should reflect a variety of activities as well as interaction with colleagues, other professional groups, and/or parents. TRUE August 2001

24 PGE’s can be written in such a way to help you renew in a different certification area.
FALSE August 2001

25 All of your PGE’s must be reflected in the other components of your portfolio.
FALSE August 2001

26 Potential PGE’s Technology Sports Clinics Literacy Language study
ESL Strategies Interdisciplinary teaming Learning Styles New curriculum Inclusion training/teaming August 2001

27 First Component Consider the language of the rubric when choosing the four PGEs. “addresses (identified) needs in a variety of rich and powerful contexts” “candidate has provided evidence of professional growth that has evolved… and Is varied and/or multifaceted” August 2001

28 First Component Consider the scoring criteria requiring that a candidate address the following: Certificate-specific content to remain current Pedagogical skills to remain current Acquisition of and/or effective and appropriate use of technology Interaction with colleagues, other professional groups, parents, and/or the community that has enhanced your professional growth August 2001

29 First Component Keep in mind that for each PGE, you must:
Provide a context that explains the need you were meeting (students, the professional community, and/or self) Explain how the PGE demonstrates a response to the identified need August 2001

30 Think, Pair, Share Think of four potential PGEs for yourself.
Get four different colors of paper to represent each of your PGEs and label them. Put each post-it you wrote at the beginning of the session on the PGE the activity best supports. Discuss your choices with a partner. Do you have activities/lessons/units that support the PGEs you hope to write about? August 2001

31 Second Component Choose one PGE and show its application in your classroom One 10-minute, unedited, date-stamped videotape that may be segmented into 3 parts. Must be made during the eighth or ninth year of your NBPTS certification 4 pages of written commentary August 2001

32 Second Component The lesson must be in the same certificate area as original certification You must show how you ensure equity of access and promote appreciation for diversity among the students. You must explain the impact on student learning. You must explain how your video reflects your certificate-specific content knowledge. August 2001

33 Third Component Choose another PGE and show its application in your classroom or with colleagues Cite specific evidence of impact of learning on learners One 6-minute unedited videotape, which may be segmented into a maximum of 3 parts OR 8 representative pages of learner work 4 pages of written commentary August 2001

34 Reflection 3 pages of written commentary that analyzes the relationship between your practice and student learning August 2001

35 Additional Tips Make back-up copies of everything including original videos. Work with back-up copies of video recordings until you are sure which segments you want to use. Immediately make back-ups of your edited versions. Look for interesting ways to make double use of your evidences for Component 1. (For example, a rubric used to show evidence of appropriate technology experiences in Component 1 can be shown in use in Component 2.) August 2001

36 The document is scored as one unit.
Holistic Scoring The document is scored as one unit. You will receive a score of “renewed” or “not renewed”. August 2001

37 Evaluation Criteria Identify and address significant needs of students, the professional community, and/or self Have acquired and/or deepened current certificate-specific content knowledge and have demonstrated it in your classroom practice August 2001

38 Evaluation Criteria continued…
Have acquired and/or deepened your knowledge of current pedagogical practices and have demonstrated it in your classroom practice; Have acquired knowledge of current technology and/or effectively utilized appropriate technology in a way that is directly connected to teaching and learning; August 2001

39 Evaluation Criteria continued…
Involve the wider community of colleagues, parents, and/or community in your professional growth experiences; Practice standards-based, relevant and meaningful instruction; August 2001

40 Evaluation Criteria continued…
Ensure equity of access for all students and promote appreciation of diversity in your classroom practice; Have a meaningful impact on student learning August 2001

August 2001

August 2001

43 What could you be doing now?
Update profile at! Know the CURRENT standards for your certification Accumulate documentation Work in the classroom if you are not already there Identify your PGE’s Get familiar with the holistic rubric Take advantage of starting early Start saving the application fee August 2001

44 Resources to help you find information about renewal
August 2001

45 NBPTS Copyright notice:
Prepared by Hilda Hamilton, NBCT and Lynn Carter, NBCT for submission under contract with NBPTS.  The contents of this document were developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent he policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. August 2001

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