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Gary John Previts BUILDING OUR COMMUNITY Preparing for Our Future.

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1 Gary John Previts BUILDING OUR COMMUNITY Preparing for Our Future

2 2 There is no greater power than foretelling the future…. Steven Allan Spielberg KBE Steven Allan Spielberg KBE

3 3 DemographicsDemographics Where the future begins…

4 4 TechnologyTechnology Digital Dissemination and Platforms

5 5 OrganizationOrganization 2016 – 100 th Anniversary (2015 --100 th Year)

6 A shared view for the future We bring together the Academic Community to further Accounting Education and to advance the Discipline And Profession of Accounting

7 How we achieve our purpose* Expand Knowledge and Idea Development Promote Effective Learning Inform and Influence Policy and Practice Advance Accounting Faculty Careers *Meet societys expectations and needs!


9 Information about money has become almost as important as money itself Walter Wriston

10 Serving Societys Information Right The right of individual investors to receive information about their investments performance is a de facto information right which is derived from the fundamental constitutional right of individuals to own private productive property

11 Prime Initiative One Grow our Community so that Accounting prospers as a discipline Future Faculty and Programs

12 Initiative Two Develop new technology platforms for communication and dissemination of teaching, research and support materials and data Deploy the AAA COMMONS

13 Initiative Three Membership Fulfillment

14 George O May l955 …accounting must be prepared to adjust itself with greater rapidity.

15 The marketplace for ideas and for talent in which we operate and compete will surely sort us out unfavorably if we are not attentive….

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