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U.S. Diversity & Global Learning: Meeting at the Intersections Harvey Charles, Kevin Hovland, and Caryn McTighe Musil AAC&U DLIE Network Conference Houston,

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1 U.S. Diversity & Global Learning: Meeting at the Intersections Harvey Charles, Kevin Hovland, and Caryn McTighe Musil AAC&U DLIE Network Conference Houston, Texas October 21, 2010

2 Workshop Schedule 2:00-2:15Welcome and Introductions 2:15-2:25Framing the Workshop 2:25-3:00Intersecting Learning Goals ? 3:00-3:30Spaces for Strategic Collaborations 3:30-3:45Break 3:45-4:20Case Study: Lessons from a Campus 4:20-4:45Sharing Strategies 4:45-5:00Closing Comments

3 Participant Introductions Name, Institution, and one burning question that you would like to see addressed during the workshop... all in thirty seconds

4 Diversity and Global/International: Why the Fracas?...and things to remember in the middle of it

5 Sources of Tension Different histories Different languages Different structural locations Different personnel Different missions Different resources and different sources of authority and respect

6 Five axioms 1. There is good reason to be wary. 2. You have more capacity to transform your institution working collaboratively than singly. 3. You can learn a lot from one another. 4. Students need the knowledge, practices, and perspectives from both fields. 5. Human beings share a single planet; our fates are intertwined.

7 Trends in Institutional Approaches to Diversity From Access and Success to Wide-Ranging Campus Innovations in Multiple Locations From Single, Isolated Programs to More Comprehensive Institutional Approaches From Fixing New Students to Recasting Institutional Missions From Single to Multiple and Intersecting Differences

8 More Diversity Trends Race as More than Black and With and Diversity as More than Race Diversity within and across U.S. Borders Diversity as a Catalyst for Institutional Improvement Diversity as a Means to Achieve Academic Excellence and Democratic Dispositions

9 Global Studies has Evolved Too From Assuming Discrete, Independent Nation States to Integrated Global Systems From Only Europe to More of the Globe From Us and Them to We From Over There To Everywhere

10 More Global/International Trends From One Non-Western Course in General Education to Addressing Global Issues in Multiple Classes From Visiting a Place to Being Part of a Place and a Perspective From Former Colonizers Telling the Story to Voice of the Subaltern Narrating Their Own Histories

11 Spaces in the Intersections Comparative Perspectives on Cultural Diversity and Identity Expanded Definitions of Diversity America and the World Diasporas, Migrations, and Immigration

12 More Spaces in the Intersections Quests for Recognition and Community Social hierarchies, Power, Privilege, and Discrimination Global frameworks and common issues Service Learning and Community-based Research in local and global contexts

13 Defining Learning Goals/Outcomes What should students know and be capable of and disposed to doing in their work and civic lives? Knowledge select four primary ones Skills select four primary ones Dispositions/Values select four primary ones

14 Strategies to Match Learning Spaces with Desired Learning Outcomes Working in small roundtable groups, share strategies that can be employed in the arenas where collaboration at the intersections of diversity and global campus work is already underway or could become a new site for enhancing teaching and learning?

15 A Case Study: Lessons from a Campus Harvey Charles, Northern Arizona University (see his separate power points)

16 Closing Comments

17 At the Intersections: Shared Educational Commitments Principles of Excellence Teach the Arts of Inquiry and Innovation Engage the Big Questions Connect Knowledge with Choices and Actions Foster Civic, Intercultural, and Ethical Learning Assess Students Ability to Apply Learning to Complex Problems

18 How Might You Form Multicultural Alliances With One Another? Deepen your collective knowledge about each others work Explore cross cutting topics relevant to both arenas Explore the struggles for justice in and outside of U.S. borders Examine research that reveals relation of these areas to student learning

19 AAC&Us Common Learning Goals Across Both Global and Diversity Learning To develop the knowledge and commitment to be socially responsible citizens in a diverse democracy and interconnected but unequal world, students will need to: Gain a deep, comparative knowledge of the worlds peoples and problems; Explore the historical legacies that have created the dynamics and tensions of their world; Develop intercultural competencies to move across boundaries and unfamiliar territory and see the world from multiple perspectives;

20 Global and Diversity Learning, 2 Sustain difficult conversations in the face of highly emotional and perhaps uncongenial differences; Understandand perhaps redefinedemocratic principles and practices with an intercultural and global context; Gain opportunities to engage in practical work with fundamental issues that affect communities not yet well served by their societies Believe that ones actions and ideas matter and can influence the world they live in.

21 Diversity is about everyone. Global is about everywhere. Kevin Hovland, AAC&U Otis is training us to use the skills they have taught us to solve the worlds problems. We work together and learn from each other, because we cant save the world on our own. An Otis College of Art and Design Student

22 To learn more about AAC&U and its resources, visit and where you can find the tri-quarterly, Diversity & Democracy: Civic Learning for Shared Futures To reach any of us, email:

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