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Question of the Day How big is Europe in comparison with the 48 contiguous United States?

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1 Question of the Day How big is Europe in comparison with the 48 contiguous United States?

2 Unit 5: EUROPE TOP TEN NOTES Chapter 4 Pages 196-255

3 #1: Physical Geography of Europe Peninsula of peninsulas - western arm of larger Eurasian landmass & 5 peninsulas within Relative Location - perfect for contact with rest of world - no country more than 300 miles from sea – political/economic global domination Landforms – important mountain ranges (Ural Mts divide Europe/Asia), North European Plain is agricultural belt, rivers navigable Vegetation – nearly all original forests are gone Climate – North Atlantic Drift makes Europe warmer than it should be latitude-wise (warm water to coasts, air above is warm/wet)

4 #2: Environmental Issues Natural Nonrenewable Resources – coal, petroleum, natural gas --> from Russia Alternative Sources of Energy – nuclear power, wind power, solar power, geothermal power Air Pollution – acid rain over North European Plain Water Pollution – pours into Mediterranean Sea & can’t leave Food – Europeans prefer European farm food more than imported food so they pay more for food than people in US Smaller family farms are giving way to large corporate farms

5 #3: Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Europe produces 25% of world emissions Energy Consumption – Europeans average ½ of US consumption European Union – pledged to reduce CO 2 emissions by 20% by 2020.

6 #4: European Union (EU) Economic Organization – free flow of goods and people across borders Member Nations – 28 (Croatia is new – 2013) People – 492 million EU Currency – EURO (not all 28 countries use this) No taxes (tariffs) Trade among countries has increased the standard of living in the member nation populations.

7 #5: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military Cooperation – between Europe and North America during Cold War Alliance - used to counter influence of Soviet Union (SU) Since SU Breakup – NATO expanded membership to include Eastern European countries & Turkey Main Focus – provide international security & cooperation needed to expand European Union

8 #6: Labor Force European economies are dominated by services (70%) Industrial jobs declining

9 #7: Population 525 million Urbanized (80% live in cities) Fastest aging population and long life expectancy One of the world’s largest population clusters Families have fewer children: Women – professional careers delay marriage and lower birth rates (double day – work outside home and do domestic work at home) Some governments giving 10 month maternity/paternity leave, free day care and other incentives

10 #8: NATION-STATES Definition: A country whose population possesses a substantial degree of cultural similarity and unity. Nation-States have lots of NATIONALISM (great pride in one’s country nation or state).  Many nation- states in Europe.

11 #9: Highly Developed Infrastructure Western European countries have efficient transportation systems: Chunnel Bullet Trains Autobahn Communication networks promote extensive trade and international cooperation.

12 #10: Social Welfare (Protection) Definition – tax supported systems provide citizens with benefits Basic health care Pensions Child care Free or low cost higher education Affordable housing Old age and disability pension benefits Average income taxes of citizens in European countries: 40% (in some countries, it’s more than 50%) Compared to US – 27%

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