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IGOS-P 15 and GEO Achievements planning meeting in 2009 28 May 2008 at UNESCO, Paris Report to 4 th C4, 17&18.06.2008.

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1 IGOS-P 15 and GEO Achievements planning meeting in 2009 28 May 2008 at UNESCO, Paris Report to 4 th C4, 17&18.06.2008

2 IGOS Transition into GEO – Brief History 10/2006 CEOS Plenary 20 Buenos Aires – Proposal on IGOS Transition 05/07 IGOS P-14, UNESCO, Decision on Transition of Themes into GEO 06/07 IGOS Partners letter to Themes to initiate Transition 06/07 Letter from GEO Sec. Director welcoming Themes and invitation to discuss/solve/negotiate issues of concern 06/07 – 09/07 Letters to all Themes by GEO Sec. and individual negotiations 10/07 Status Report at CEOS Plenary 21 Hawaii decision to proceed and support 11/07 IGOS P-14bis @ GEO IV/Ministerial Status Presentation and requested Process paper. Action to update Process from Themes perspective and decision to go for IGOS termination Resolution at P- 15, plus organisation of Major Symposium honouring achievements and way-ahead under GEO umbrella 10-12/07 First Themes declare successful transition (IGWCO, IGOL, CZCP, Geo Hazards, GOOS) 05/08 IGOS P-15, UNESCO, Resolution signed and Partnership dissolved. Agreement on a major (GEO) Symposium, emphasising the past achievement, the current activities and the future Work of the Themes under the GEO umbrella

3 Progress of (former IGOS-) Themes Ocean – Transitioned, Ocean United, CL-06-06, CEOS engagement Coastal – Proceeding well, CoP active, GEOSS Workshops in all Caucuses, PICO Water – Strong links to GEO Water tasks, Formal decision 2007, link in-situ and space, HARON proposal Cryosphere – WMO covering report, GCW, IPY Legacy Task CL-06-05, Joint Legacy Workshop GEO-WMO Land – Report (GEOSS oriented) available 05/08, Focus on AG-07-03 Global AG monitoring GAM secretariat in India, link to Food Risk (WMO involvement) GeoHazards – Lead DI-06-03 & DI-06-07, CoP active. New proposal: Supersites Atmosphere – Implementation through GAW. 4 Offices, Ozone first, others to come Carbon – EC-06-01 Integrated Carbon Observing System OCO/Gosat? Office? – only problem child

4 RESOLUTION (Adopted by the Partners at IGOS-P-14-bis, including noted postscript) IGOS Partners NOTING with pleasure the success of the IGOS-P Themes and their acknowledged relevance to the GEO process, as witnessed by their progressive transition to GEO; CONGRATULATING all who have contributed to the development and implementation of the Themes; DECIDE that the useful life of IGOS-P is nearing its end, and that individual Partners will in the future support theme-related activities in a GEO context; one final meeting of the Partnership, IGOS-P-15, will be held at the invitation of UNESCO in Paris in May/June, 2008; and at the conclusion of IGOS-P-15 the IGOS Partnership will be dissolved. Postscript: In approving the Resolution, Co-chairs and the Theme Leaders Group will continue to monitor closely the transition process and to maintain contact with the GEO Secretariat, and will report on their findings at the final IGOS-P-15 meeting, particularly in regard to the concerns expressed by some Partners duringIGOS-P- 14bis.

5 Current UIC focus Encourage, coordinate & integrate the work of The Communities of Practice IGOS-P Theme Teams CEOS Virtual Constellation user needs The new GEO End-to-End Work Plan Tasks SBA-focused Early Achievements User groups, e.g. GNU(GMES) & GEONETCast Integrate work across Committees to effectively develop GEOSS & ensure occurrence of Societal Benefits

6 Whats Next for UIC Seven IGOS-P Themes and two CEOS VCs participated in UIC Washington Meeting, Aug 07 Four IGOS-P Themes at UIC Toronto Mtg, May 08 For the Next UIC meeting in Boulder, Colorado, September 22-24, 2008, Co-located with ADC and C4 meetings –Goal: Maximize attendance of CoPs, IGOS-P Themes, CEOS VCs & other User Groups –Goal: Determine UIC & Member roles in new GEO End-to-End SBA Workplan Tasks--via Break-outs –Goal: Propose Next UIC Steps for GEO Workplan coordination with other Committees There is a need to better integrate the IGOS Themes with current GEO CoPs

7 GEO - IGOS-Theme Symposium Objectives/Purpose of Symposium Highlight advances of integrated global observational capabilities for societal benefit over the past decade and address science challenges for the future Demonstrate better decision making through improved observation and gain support for the future Highlight and celebrate past IGOS-Theme accomplishments and lessons learned (including recognition of role of IGOS Partnership) Discuss shift in emphasis for future, from observational requirements to sustained implementation of GEOSS –Survey present landscape and Theme interaction with GEO (Committee participation, Work Plan contributions, establishment of Communities of Practice)

8 GEO - IGOS-Theme Symposium 2009 - ctd Venue co-location with GEO-VI (2 days before) Organisation Committee GEO Secretariat Former IGOS Partners Local Organisers Programme Committee (invitations issued 06/08) Chair: Greg Whittee (US-GEO) Former IGOS Partners Theme Leaders and CoP leads GEO Secretariat GEO User Interface and Science and Technology Committees (representatives) Draft agenda already being designed Publication – various possibilities aired

9 Thank you!

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