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Leadership Mindsets for Deeper Learning Creating Spaces – Engaging Learning Conference of the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International.

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1 Leadership Mindsets for Deeper Learning Creating Spaces – Engaging Learning Conference of the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International September 25 2009 Dr. Linda Kaser & Dr. Judy Halbert 1

2 Education remains at the forefront in confronting the future and is crucial in encouraging human endeavor. It has lifted the spirits and imaginations of generations before when challenges have been faced. Philip Idle Regional President cefpi 2

3 Themes to Explore Closing the learning gaps Leadership mindsets – creating quality and equality for all learners Design / environments for quality and equality 3

4 Intentions To connect Pacific West Coast leadership experience with Australasia design perspectives by exploring: six research-based leadership mindsets three ways forward – wisdom, science, innovation 4

5 Global Thinking Global Questions Shifting from a sorting to a learning system Encouraging inquiry and lifelong curiosity Developing new forms of leadership 5

6 Global Thinking Global Questions Flattening organizations - networks and networking Informing assessment, learning and pedagogical practice 6

7 Canadian and BC Context 7

8 British Columbia 200 + First Nations 57 Language Groups Many small remote communities Fast growing urban population Diverse newcomers 8

9 Canada 200020032006 Math6th5th Science5th8th2nd Reading2nd3rd Finland 200020032006 Math4th1st Science3rd1st Reading1st 2nd PISA RESULTS Source 9

10 PISA Canada British Columbia 200020032006 Math6th5th 4th Science5th8th2nd4th Reading2nd3rd 2nd A Look at BC 10

11 Canadian Challenge Honoring our gifts Building a deeply engaging learning system – for all 11

12 Our Vision for BC 2020 EVERY learner walks the stage with dignity, purpose and options. 12

13 FromTo Instruction and teachingDeep learning Summative assessment for grading and reporting Formative assessment to provide coaching feedback Teaching in isolationTeaching teams working as a learning community Business as UsualDisciplined Innovation Moving From Sorting to Learning 13

14 Our Theoretical Perspective Transformative Networked (distributed) Oriented to Deep Learning Democratic 14 School Leadership is

15 Foundations for Leadership Mindsets Case studies of BC schools over past ten years International findings of leadership impact on student learning International research on leadership 15

16 Evidence That Matters Daily Engagement Growth Per Learner – Content Area Progressions Year to Year Transition Completion Rates 16

17 Leadership Mindsets Adult Learning Design Evidence Informed Intense Moral Purpose Inquiry Trust Deep Learning Competence in core responsibilities 17

18 Powerful Pasts Strong Ways Promising Paths 18 Three ways forward connecting

19 Powerful Pasts Indigenous Ways of Knowing 19

20 For First Nations people the purpose of learning is to honor and protect the earth and ensure the long- term sustainability of life. 20

21 The Power of Relationships The Seen Face Work Together Walk Slowly Believe in Me 21 Debbie Leighton Stephens Tsimshian - Metlakatla BC

22 Multi Generational Learning Across Ages Across Stages of Learning 22

23 Dadirri In our Aboriginal way, we learned to listen from our earliest days. We could not live good or useful lives unless we listened. That was the normal way for us to learn – not by asking questions. We learnt by watching and listening, waiting, then acting. Miriam-Rose Ungenmerr-Bauman Daly River 23

24 Watchful Listening – Lilwat An openness to listening beyond our own personal thoughts and assumptions 24

25 Strong Ways Practice and Evidence Informed 25

26 Strong Ways Learners owning their own learning – assessment and engagement knowledge Professional learning Leadership knowledge and practice 26

27 Promising Paths 27

28 21 st C Learning Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by Influence Agility and Adaptability 28

29 21 st C Learning Initiative and entrepreneurialism – social and economic Effective oral and written communication Accessing and analyzing information Curiosity and imagination 29

30 Promising Paths Innovative Practice - Next Practice 30 Tony WagnerValerie Hannon Guy Claxton Kieran Egan

31 Learning Quality Considerations Space Time Membership Role of Teacher Ways of Learning Role of Technology and Media

32 Powerful Pasts, Strong Paths, Promising Futures What ideas from traditional, indigenous wisdom are you applying in your school design? What are you learning? What promising new ways are you considering in building for quality and equality? 32

33 Cwelelep Being in a place of dissonance, uncertainty in anticipation of new learning 33

34 Katila Finding stillness amidst our busyness and need to know 34

35 Judy Halbert – jhalbert Linda Kaser - Network of Performance Based Schools

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