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Dreamweaver MX Unit A CIS 205—Web Site Design & Development.

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1 Dreamweaver MX Unit A CIS 205—Web Site Design & Development

2 2 Student Files To download files to use with the text, go to search on the ISBN number for the text click the “student downloads” link click the link to download the appropriate files for Windows store the files on your hard drive, CD-ROM, or Zip disk You can also view the “Student Online Companion” (see

3 3 Lesson 1—The Workspace Examining the Dreamweaver workspace Obvious components are those such as the document window, menu bar, status bar, etc. The _________ inspector at the bottom displays properties of selected objects. A _______ (usually in a group on the right side) is a window that displays information or commands. Working with Dreamweaver Views Design view—__________, used for designing a web page Code view—show HTML code Code and Design view—combination, for debugging

4 4 Lesson 2—View a Web Page Web page elements Some common ones are text, hyperlinks, and graphics. A ________ is a graphic at the top of the screen. A navigation ____ contains multiple links for navigation. An image _____ is a graphic divided into sections, each of which is a link. Flash button objects provide links with special effects. Help Clicking Help, Using Dreamweaver displays various options Index of topics Search for keywords Favorites to bookmark certain topics

5 5 IP Addresses and Domain Names A web site is published to a web server with an IP (Internet _______) address, such as 123.456.789.123. A domain name is assigned to a specific IP address, such as

6 6 Lesson 3—Web Site Development Plan the structure of a site using a ___________ i.e., a sketch that represents all pages in the site a storyboard contains parent and child pages based on links Plan the _______ hierarchy for the site e.g., a folder named “assets” can hold files that are not web pages Collect page ________ (all files needed) Create, test, and modify web pages Publish the site to a web ________ using FTP (file ________ protocol).

7 7 Setting Up a Remote Site Site definition window for TripSmart site Instead of r and raj127f, use your own SMSU account information for Magenta For some other ISP, check its requirements

8 8 Lesson 4—Adding Pages You can create an ________ folder initially to hold non-HTML files. The assets folder could contain subfolders for things such as text, ___________, graphics, and sound. The first page users usually see is called the _______ page. It’s a good idea to create all pages for the site before _________ is placed in those pages. It’s also a good idea to collect all your non-HTML files and import them into Dreamweaver before adding content to pages.

9 9 Lesson 5—Create a Site Map A site map is a ___________ representation of the pages in a web site. In Dreamweaver, a site map can be saved for printing or for displaying in a web page. Note: Meaningful page titles are important since many search engines search text in page titles.

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